Wolf dog sings to a little baby to stop his cry



A wolf-dog sings to a baby and surprisingly calms him and stops his cry.
With the babysitter dog singing like that who wouldn’t calm?

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  1. Comment  by stuart

    a dingo ate my baby

    • Comment  by lilanad

      baby or dog?

    • Comment  by Layla

      OMG stuart……classic! ahahahahah

      • Comment  by chris

        Quigely down under!

    • Comment  by augman

      Will sing for food.

    • Comment  by Taylor!

      Funniest thing I’ve read all day.

    • Comment  by mallery


    • Comment  by beenanz


    • Comment  by suckit

      ugly baby

  2. Comment  by Mackenna

    That is so beautiful. Dogs are so special.

    • Comment  by jeg

      Totally agree

  3. Comment  by Dude

    I want one of those!

    • Comment  by James

      A dog or a baby?

    • Comment  by kennedy


  4. Comment  by Wonko

    I have a dog that looks like that who is half Husky, half German shephard. He is a total sook with people but I don’t know if I would trust him around small creatures. The amount of ducks and possums I have seen him catch and eat…

    • Comment  by billy mayz

      your dog, trust me, would be juts fine around a human child. It isn’t a dumb animal, as you know.

    • Comment  by anon

      of course it’s not a wolf, but he wouldn’t get as many views if he simply called it a dog now would he?

  5. Comment  by Lesley

    There is something magical about this video

    • Comment  by cdks

      maybe the dog singing?

  6. Comment  by Anon

    I think the baby stopped crying because he was afraid

    • Comment  by fred


    • Comment  by the doctor

      hahahahahahaha yeah i think so too

    • Comment  by RetardRage99

      i lol’d

    • Comment  by lilyk75

      this is hilarious, you just make me cry from laughing so hard!!!

    • Comment  by ibivi

      Wrong. The baby’s reaction is not fear. The baby is listening and appears to be calmed by the dog’s song.

      • Comment  by whattt

        Don`t think you are smart, cuz you can understand the baby…..

        • Comment  by anonymous

          OMG is really that big of a deal?
          leave it. It really doesn’t matter.

      • Comment  by anonymous

        I’m pretty sure it was a joke.

    • Comment  by the one

      anon, you should be on stage, i am in pain from laughter ,oh yeah and nice vid

  7. Comment  by tom

    The dog is a Siberian Husky, or a Malamute (a larger variety of husky),and is not a wolf. Huskies do this all the time. “Wolf dog” is a really ignorant title.

    • Comment  by BlueWolf

      Husky indeed. Probably not a Malamute (they are bigger and fluffier). There are so much videos out there where huskies are titled as wolfdogs :-( Pretty normal for a husky to howl like this, by the way :-)

    • Comment  by fliptrx

      Ignorant comment

      • Comment  by James

        Ignorant response.

        • Comment  by WHAT


    • Comment  by Sam

      Saying malamutes are a bigger variety of husky is pretty ignorant.

      • Comment  by Ignint

        I love the ignorant sounds so cool

        • Comment  by Ignint


      • Comment  by anonymous

        That’s ignorant. You guys are ignorant.

    • Comment  by anonymous

      why do people like you exist, god, the dog looks like a wolf, that’s why the title is wolf dog, who cares if the dog isn’t named that, my suggestion, never talk again

      • Comment  by J.S.

        Obviously you have NEVER seen a Wolf.

        • Comment  by sightedwolf

          Agreed. My neighbors illegally owned dogs that were half wolf and trust me, they looked more wolf than dog. The dog in this video is most likely a Siberian Husky. Could be a Malamute, but from working in a vet clinic, knowing dog breeds since I could talk, and living next to someone with a Husky, I believe it’s a Husky.

        • Comment  by anonymous

          They called it a wolf-dog because of the howl. You know…wolves HOWL. Maybe you should think before you write.

          • Comment  by Bacon

            … Dogs howl too.

          • Comment  by sightedwolf

            All dogs howl. Maybe you should research before you attempt to one-up someone.

          • Comment  by Kayota

            Yeah man, my CHIHUAHUA howls for god’s sakes.

        • Comment  by Love

          Peace, love and wisdom.

          • Comment  by Trin


      • Comment  by ***

        Are you retarded. That dog looks nothing like a wolf. Do you even know what a wolf looks like. Maybe you should look up the difference between a husky and a wolf. They may be common ancestors but they have vastly different coat colours, facial features, and body structure. Not only that but why the hell would any sane person have a wolf near a baby

        • Comment  by anonymous

          It howls like a wolf - not looks like one.

          • Comment  by zanz

            no, it howls like any canine of a similar size howls, its not a ‘wolf howl’ its just a ‘howl’

      • Comment  by joe

        yes, perhaps you could get a horse and go live in the mountains and not bother anyone?

    • Comment  by Jen

      Working at a vet clinic I like to think I know a little something about dogs. That definitely had wolf in it. Ignorance is relative.

      • Comment  by Pat

        You may know a little something about dogs, yet you then go on to say, “That definitely had wolf in it”…….
        I suppose you’re right, ignorance is relative.

    • Comment  by seriously

      It’s fairly obvious the poster’s first language isn’t English. Cut them some slack. Do you know the word for “siberian husky” in several languages? I highly doubt it.

    • Comment  by person

      pinickety. much.

    • Comment  by The Internet

      lol, technically all dogs are “wolf-dogs”. I mean, dogs are classified as a subspecies of the white wolf. *wooof* *wooooof*


      Anyways, sweet vid I <3 dogs. ^_^

    • Comment  by liz

      is it that big of a deal calling it a wolfdog? totally not the point of the video.

    • Comment  by gmg

      not a mal, i got a mal. that’d be a husky

    • Comment  by Kellz

      All I have to say is….

    • Comment  by wolfie

      If you have had one would really know the diff.That is part wolf.

      • Comment  by lee

        it is not part wolf, i worked wiith wolves and wolf dogs for a year last year in america and that has no wolf in it that I can see, so if it’s there it is very tiny. it doesn’t have wolf eyes, ears feet or body shape.

    • Comment  by Pam

      Thank you…..I love how any dog that howls is a “wolf-dog”. ;)

    • Comment  by I agree

      The ‘wolf dog’ title is wrong!

    • Comment  by rowdyred

      way to be technical…

    • Comment  by lee

      Thats exactly what I was thinking. I worked with wolves and wolf dogs for 1 year and that is deffinatley a husky!! looks nothing like a wolf dog

    • Comment  by bryan


    • Comment  by jen

      kudos to you sir

  8. Comment  by fretgee

    what a good dog!

  9. Comment  by Nathaly

    actually dogs howl to cancel out noises that hurt their ears. LOL this dog was annoyed!

  10. Comment  by PUPSRME


    • Comment  by Dash


    • Comment  by doogadooga

      they’re definitely smarter “then” you.

      • Comment  by jnk

        you mean than?

      • Comment  by yeaaa....

        I think he had it right the first time. Way to go.

    • Comment  by Tater Salad

      Well I hate to admit it, but you have a point. Dogs are smarter than all adults. The people really in control of the government? All dogs. Hell, every invention over the last 3 centuries were all made by dogs.

  11. Comment  by Dave

    It’s a Malamute (no they are not large Huskies).

  12. Comment  by sday

    Malamutes are part wolf and wolves are very family oriented. In the wild even the male dogs babysit. ‘Uncles’ always know how to sing a kid to sleep. LOL

    • Comment  by lee

      malamutes are a breed of dog, but are no more wolf than a jack russel. do your research before you post.

  13. Comment  by missypuppy

    I have a husky that talks when she’s annoyed. They have a very broad spectrum for expression. When the baby would cry the dog would grumble to wake me up.

  14. Comment  by elphie

    Siberian Husky is the breed. Husky is a generalized term used for a lot of those working breeds. I have had Samoyeds for years. The Sammy is not a cross but a breed of it’s own.. can’t say about the others but all of them will howl if allowed some will “talk” or chatter with you. The Sammy came from the Ural mts.. and the natives let the dogs sleep with the babies to help keep them warm.. they are all pack minded and concern humans part of the pack. All great pets if treated kindly and trained thinking in terms of a pack. A wolf or wolf hybrid are amazing animals but still wild and not safe in family environments.

  15. Comment  by chris

    how do you know it isnt a wolf dog. Alot of people that sell wolf dogs cross breed them with huskies.

    • Comment  by jake

      Wait, what? Are you suggesting that the amount of people who sell wolf dogs is high enough that the subset which specifically sells husky wolf dogs can be described by the term alot? I don’t think wolf dog is even a real term. Wolf-dog hybrid maybe? Though I do agree that if one were to breed a dog with a wolf, Huskies and similar breeds would make a good choice. Whitefang anyone?

      • Comment  by Tater Salad

        Whitefangs are what you get when you crossbreed wolf-dogs and sharks.

        • Comment  by Flamewolf

          Dude, Whitefang is a character in a book. If I remember, he’s either a wolf or a husky. I think he’s a husky.

          • Comment  by Rostafer

            Dude, don’t even joke like that. My uncle died from a whitefang attack. They hunt in packs in the ocean you know, and they love human flesh.

      • Comment  by lee

        if you go to america there are a large amount of people selling wolves and wolf dogs. they are not hybrids as the term hybrid is used for the crossing of 2 different species and the wolf and dog belong to the same species. I worked on a sanctuary that used to rescue wolves and wolfdogs that people tried to keep as pets and it does not work as the wolves are wild animals!!! it has taken centuries of breeding to get to the domestic dog so it is very arrogant to think that crossing a wild pure wolf with a husky would make a good pet!!! people that think that really annoy me. for more information on this subject look up http://www.wildspiritwolfsanctuary.org!

  16. Comment  by JANE


  17. Comment  by Janegael

    He or she looks pure husky with no wolf genes in the immediate ancestry. They retain wolf traits though and are superb parents. It’s a shame that posts like this draw such ignorant comments. Dogs are intelligent, more so than some posters here and knew how to quiet a fussy baby. What a great dog!

    • Comment  by GrammyHusky

      I agree with you!! What a beautiful husky and she/he knew exactly what to do to quiet the baby down. I have had three Siberian Huskies and they are an excellent companion and very loyal to the family! I loved this so much, I had to play it over again!!!

  18. Comment  by duhtarded

    not a wolf

  19. Comment  by lfools

    im pretty sure the wolf is like calling to his heard that he found lunch..

  20. Comment  by barhargar

    wolf dog? is this written by some chinese person? what a preposterosity

    • Comment  by MaggieMae

      Wolf-dog is in fact a shortened term for a wolf dog hybrid. People often mistake them for Siberian Huskies or Malamutes as they have a couple of similar features (and people assume that makes them all the same), however a wolf dog looks just like it sounds; like a cross between a wolf and a dog. Mine happens to have the long muzzle, overall structure, and coloring of a wolf, but is much smaller. Only about 60 lbs at a year old. Do I think the dog in the video is a wolf or wolfdog? No. Just because you are ignorant about something, though, does not mean it doesn’t exist.

      On another note, preposterosity? Really? You’re the one questioning someone’s grasp of the English language? Congratulations!!

      • Comment  by Pat


      • Comment  by lee

        it is not a hybrid as wolves and dogs belong to the same species and the term hybrid relates to the crossing of animals from different species like a lion and a tiger to get a “Liger” and the offspring are infertile.

        • Comment  by TimC

          If we want to get technical… The Wolf and Domesticated Dog are the same species (Canis lupus), however as the Dog belongs in its own specific sub-species (Canis lupus familiaris). Although considered genetically compatible, interbreeding would still be classified as hybridisation as breeding is occurring between the wild and domestic variants of a species. This is high school biology stuff. Same goes for wild and domestic horses.

  21. Comment  by kat

    cute, yet scary.

  22. Comment  by ilena

    it could be a Wolf HYBRID

    • Comment  by sightedwolf

      It would look like a wolf then

    • Comment  by lee

      no such thing as a wolf dog hybrid as they belong to the same species and “hybrid” means the crossing of different species.

  23. Comment  by vladimir g

    this is without any daught an alaskan malamute. they do not have anything to do with husky. i know i breed them in europe. big dogs should not be left with small children that is a fact. but malamute is a dog also works with autistic children so they do not bite humans but are very agressive with other male dogs.

    • Comment  by anon

      doubt not daught would be better understood.

    • Comment  by WTF

      “but malamute is a dog also works with autistic children so they do not bite humans”

      Really? Are you kidding me? This is what you have to bring to the table?

      Stop breeding dogs

    • Comment  by a big dog owner

      “big dogs should not be left with small children that is a fact.”
      unless another dog was holding the camera the dog was not left with the kid. Plus if the dog has bonded with the baby it dose not really matter, the baby is in the safest place in the world, just try to hurt it and see what would happen.

  24. Comment  by sarah

    stumbled from NY :D cute vid

    • Comment  by jnk

      yes it was :)

  25. Comment  by Cara

    Don’t you love how on every video on the internet, whether it be dancing chipmunks or a “wolf dog” singing a baby to sleep, there has to be people debating/arguing over some aspect of the video. Just watch it people, just watch it.

  26. Comment  by Curious

    The baby is probably laying low so the dog doesn’t eat him.
    @vladimir g. lol “daught” haa

  27. Comment  by fererro

    chill out guys. by the looks of it the OP is using English as their second language.

  28. Comment  by Chill

    in response to Cara17 I to have observed that people speak just because they are bored as HELL!!!
    I like the title so stop commenting on the portion of “wolf dog” geez

    • Comment  by you

      since you are commenting, i take it that your response should say: myself included in regards to the bored as hell comment.

  29. Comment  by Newton

    “i will eat you if you don’t shut up!”

  30. Comment  by Jen

    The baby is part of the dog’s pack.

    Yes, I agree : people have to ruin things by swearing, being crude, & arguing. So uncool…..The dog’s evidently a superior creature to most of the human animals here.

    • Comment  by laughing

      I like people like you, your like me, you like putting other people down, while trying to make yourself seem good.

    • Comment  by ///BOB///

      stop being so self righteous, jen.

      so uncool…..

      • Comment  by yoyo

        Go to hell, Bob.

  31. Comment  by Billyjoelthomasray

    hahahaha amazing… i love how everyone just got into an internet argument for nothing at all. it was pretty funny actually.

  32. Comment  by Peter

    This is nuts… who would let this kind of animal near their baby? The kid is probably traumatized on a primal level.

  33. Comment  by MIKE

    Hell Ya

  34. Comment  by G123

    Maybe you should put the camera down and cater to your kid.

  35. Comment  by BawlSaK

    you guys are all homosapiens!

  36. Comment  by Sanzer

    I’m going to have to side with the people saying the dog is calming the child. I have a chow/boxer mix (and no, he doesn’t eat people out of hand) and with both of our children he has accepted them wholly as part of the pack. When they were young we put them near him on the floor (with myself between them at first) and he sniffed them, then curled up around them. I’d hate to see a stranger come into the house and try to touch either one of them lol.

  37. Comment  by A.C.C.

    It really moved me. Beautiful!
    Thx 4 uploading it

  38. Comment  by lifemare

    I’ve impersonated a vet before so i can confindently assure you that this is in fact a Sasquatch Husky, more commonly known as a beardog. Unlike wolfdogs these actually hibernate and prefer a low-baby diet.

    • Comment  by sillygirl

      omg u are hilarious

    • Comment  by yeah

      commenter win

    • Comment  by that guy

      absolutely the best comment I’ve read on this whole page.

    • Comment  by Squid

      Oh please Mr Vet Sir, my armadillobear has a thorn in his fin…

      Nice post, definite win.

  39. Comment  by Rollins

    great vid! all you ppl arguing about the wolf-dog thing, grow up! Next you’ll be arguing that Beetles are not from Germany or London! GEEZ! LMAO!

    • Comment  by Sidney

      I’m thinking you did that just to see if people would start arguing again.

  40. Comment  by ----

    you people are arguing over what breed the dog is…. when this person is RECORDING their baby crying and not doing anything about it….LOL.

    • Comment  by Aaron

      The kid looked fine to me. Parents who rush to a kid at every slight noise they make is not a good thing.

  41. Comment  by Brandon

    Video has a watermark on the lower left that says “elrellano.com”, so whoever posted it here probably doesn’t speak English fluently.

    However, it’s still possible that the dog in the video does have wolf in it’s ancestry, but probably 2-4 generations ago. If it was an actual half-wolf hybrid, the wolf features would be much more pronounced.

    As for the specifics of the breed, regardless of it’s wolf ancestry that’s an Alaskan Malamute. Siberian Huskies have longer, shaggier coats (even in summer), while Malamutes have smoother, thinner coats.

    Both breeds, and wolves, being pack animals, it’s entirely logical the dog was howling to calm the baby. Especially if the dogs were raised as puppies by the child’s parents. The dogs would see the humans as the alpha’s of their ‘pack’. It would be instinctive for them to care for the child.

    On the other hand, dogs often howl at police sirens because the high pitch hurts their ears (they have a higher range of hearing than humans), so it’s also possible the dog was howling because the baby’s cry was uncomfortable for the dog.

    Either way, dogs are great. Man’s best friend indeed. :)

    • Comment  by Lalala

      The dog was most likely howling to calm it, he howled for a while after the baby stopped crying. :’) so cute.

  42. Comment  by DesignHey.com

    Amazing, so cool, both the dog and the baby.

  43. Comment  by xioudan

    High-frequency sounds like a baby’s crying can sound like the far-off howling of another dog, which prompts the dog to howl back. It just so happens that the howling was low and soothing and sedentary to the infant. Baby stops crying, dog stops howling.

    • Comment  by riptidefrog


  44. Comment  by Anonymous

    Maybe it should just be left as “Canis sings to a little baby to stop his cry” I feel like that would solve a lot of this nonsense

  45. Comment  by Sharon

    What a good doggie!!!!!

  46. Comment  by poppy

    Baby cries make my ears hurt. I’ve been known to howl too.

  47. Comment  by akanameband at myspace

    stumbled from melbourne, love to see such magic…and the bickering that ensues.

    props to cuzzy for this post!
    I’ve impersonated a vet before so i can confindently assure you that this is in fact a Sasquatch Husky, more commonly known as a beardog. Unlike wolfdogs these actually hibernate and prefer a low-baby diet.

    love the internet!

  48. Comment  by Shanna

    Beautiful Husky

  49. Comment  by River

    Did anyone understand the video?

    • Comment  by riptidefrog

      yeah dude i really “got it”…. so deep.

  50. Comment  by Preeti


    I especially love the ending! Dogs and children are symbols that the world is not all cruel and harsh…

  51. Comment  by The Smartest Person I Know

    You guys, why does it even matter what type of breed this dog is? This is the most ridiculous argument I’ve ever heard in my life.

    How about this….it’s a dog, and it’s howling to a little kid to stop the kid crying. Pretty incredible, even if it is a wolf, malamute, husky or whatever else.

  52. Comment  by educated brain.

    the guy stops the dog by alerting it, then hits the baby crib with the camera trying to get a close up of the baby.

    this video could work if the family didn’t try so hard filming this for americas funniest home videos

  53. Comment  by him

    the 2nd part of the video is the baby quieting the dog

  54. Comment  by Dan

    Wolf dog? Are you serious? Come on, educate yourself.

  55. Comment  by kit


  56. Comment  by Nick

    I would just like to add that, in my professional opinion, which is vast for reason a,b,c and d, that this is neither a wolf dog or a huskie. It is, in fact, a man bear pig, and it is going to GET YOU! Oh, and make babies stop crying.

    Feel free to begin your debate. However, I want you all to know that no matter what you comment, you are wrong. And I will point that out to you by exposing your bad grammar and typing skills if I have no real proof.

    Thank you, and god save us all from this creature.


  57. Comment  by Tnw

    That’s not a wolf. That’s a husky. Thanks and have a nice day.

  58. Comment  by DRDRDRD


  59. Comment  by Anon

    i grew up with a wolf as a kid and she was the gentlest thing, so people who say they don’t make good pets or shouldn’t be allowed around children don’t know what they are talking about.

    • Comment  by Jeremy

      No you didn’t. Any full-blooded wolf would have been taken away from your family. Wolves are awesome, but they are dangerous.

    • Comment  by lee

      i am afraid i do as having worked with them. u probably grew up with a low content wolf dog and were told it was a “wolf” wolves can not be obedience trained, house trained and are highly destructive! i am sory but your wolf was not a pure wolf.

  60. Comment  by Missy

    What’s up with the rubber chicken on the floor?!

  61. Comment  by travis

    Literally raised by wolves…has anyone said that joke yet?

  62. Comment  by Kevin-brooke

    Beautiful. I had a wolf, Nequea for 10 years as a most loved companion. I miss her song.

  63. Comment  by MPCS DAVIS

    Forget the video. This is the most entertaining / ridiculous ensuing argument(s) to a video I have ever read. Thank you stumble

    • Comment  by Michael

      You’re so damn right :-D

  64. Comment  by witchcraftz

    Nice dog, it’s a Malamute, not a wolf-anything. They are known for taking care of children.

  65. Comment  by haha

    the baby is probably scared that’s why he stopped crying.

  66. Comment  by Sidney

    This is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while.

  67. Comment  by Yep

    The dog then proceeded to devour the baby whole

  68. Comment  by NakoaInez

    Why cant all dogs, or pets for that matter be amazing and should I say loving like that and Smart yeah add that to the list

  69. Comment  by YahooSerious

    this is why i love dogs

  70. Comment  by Randy

    There are dog breeds that are part wolf. Czechoslovakian Wolfdog and the Saarloos Wolfhond. Yes Wolfhond is spelled correctly. I think it is German for ‘Wolf Hound’. The breed in the video is definitely Siberian Husky. The National Wolfdog Alliance recognizes the breed as Wolf-like. However, there is no trace of wolf in the breed.

  71. Comment  by dadiE

    not sure which one i would rather hear at night…oh btw ROTFLMMFAO @ the guys arguing about the breed of dog . i laugh good.

  72. Comment  by Andrew

    I wonder if the baby not crying is actually an evolutionary response - it was probably a bad idea to signal your presence when there were wolves around. Maybe the babies who stopped crying when they heard strange noises grew up to make more babies. Just a thought.

  73. Comment  by kaiti

    well thiss definetly is a gifted dog and im inspired to get one

  74. Comment  by Chelsea

    It’s not a wolfdog, wolf hybrid, or any established breed of wolf-dog cross.

    Looks a bit bulky for a husky, honestly. Could be a mal.

  75. Comment  by Romulus

    When my twin brother Remus and I were born, our jealous uncle made our human mother abandon us on the banks of the Tiber. We were raised by a kindly female wolf, but when we grew up, I had to kill my brother. Why? Legend will tell you it was because we quarreled over the boundaries of the new city we were founding, and my brother dissed me by leaping over the walls my friends and I were building for the new city.

    Other legends claim I killed him because “Reman Empire” just wouldn’t have sounded right.

    Both legends are false. Now the truth can be told. I killed him because everytime Mom howled at us to put us to sleep, stupid Remus, instead of quieting down, would howl back at her. Twenty years of growing up without a single decent night’s sleep can make ANYBODY, even one of us demigods, get pretty cranky after awhile.

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