Rat Loves Cat



A really strange and cute interspecies relationship between Peanut the rat and Ranj the cat.

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  1. Comment  by Science Factman

    This is an effect of a parasite found in cat feces known as “Toxoplasmosa Gondii”. This parasite completes its life cycle by traveling through a feline’s digestive system, and has the curious and positively amazing effect on rats which are exposed to the parasite of causing the rats to actually seek the attention of its fiercest predator, the house cat. Toxoplasmosa actually changes the rat’s behavior so that the cat will eat it along with the parasite so that the parasite can reproduce.

    Not so cute now, is it? Don’t believe me? look it up. Wikipedia.

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Added: June 10th, 2010 at 8:27 am

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