Ninja Cat Fail



Dude tries to reenact the Ninja Cat video and gets owned.

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  1. Comment  by Jay

    Fail? Looked like a perfect execution to me. (Pardon the pun)

  2. Comment  by tcre

    what a nub

  3. Comment  by shug

    hahahahah wow great

  4. Comment  by shane

    This why I like cats. They are smarter than us.

    • Comment  by bill

      so you just sit around all day for 20 hours and finally come up with an idea to move to get food too?

      • Comment  by derek

        That does sound pretty accurate. Life is just finding the next place to sit and eat.

  5. Comment  by Adam

    The only video on the site I cannot watch… ._.

  6. Comment  by rhesus

    way more ninja than the other pantomime cat

  7. Comment  by 光璃W

    Epic ninja cat success!

  8. Comment  by Nasi Babi

    if the cat were a ghost…

  9. Comment  by Anonymous

    Ninja Cat WIN

  10. Comment  by meow

    All class Ahhaaa

  11. Comment  by vaj

    i saw this one live. the cat swallowed something afterward and had to go to the vet…

  12. Comment  by ALiK

    1 - 0 cat - rat

  13. Comment  by Sniff

    More Ninja?

  14. Comment  by acz

    Where was the cat planning it’s strike from? Is it in the shadow? Low quality video. lolz

  15. Comment  by lalo8

    ninja cat’s always have the element of surprise

  16. Comment  by drake

    kitty win

  17. Comment  by CoaieImblanzite

    Epic kill!

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Added: January 12th, 2009 at 9:30 pm

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