Korean girl covers Beyonce’s Irreplaceable with the Iphone



This is the song Irreplaceable by Beyonce on I-Phone Apps. This girl is a great musician and would actually serve herself better in front of a keyboard. She also plays her own version of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face on the iPhone.

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  1. Comment  by None

    WOW…she has an amazing voice.

    • Comment  by Jim

      Haha “Irrepaceaboh” is beautiful.

  2. Comment  by Jon

    haha, this is amazing :)

  3. Comment  by dave

    pretty cool

    • Comment  by dorack

      hello people

      • Comment  by odzi

        hello dude i missed you!

  4. Comment  by JSx

    She’s got a beautiful voice!

  5. Comment  by Jose

    Amaizing!!.. It must be iphone 3gs right!!?

    • Comment  by Jorge

      eh, it can technically be any of them, i would assume 3g cause 3 3gS would be $$$

  6. Comment  by Haha


    • Comment  by Aphx


    • Comment  by rofl

      you’re a god!

  7. Comment  by internet douchebag


    • Comment  by Daniel

      this is just awesome

    • Comment  by hahaha


  8. Comment  by Mr. Slippery

    Definitely got soul…

  9. Comment  by mister

    beautiful cover, can’t believe how nice her voice is

    • Comment  by hidayah


  10. Comment  by Ayama


  11. Comment  by jenniferlovespuppies

    Great voice! Cool video

  12. Comment  by SKSKSK

    Very Impressive! Thank you!

  13. Comment  by sarah1of4

    Her voice is amazing! I want to hear more!

  14. Comment  by prill

    That was choice!

  15. Comment  by ChaChi

    Man great voice, and so very cute, good work!

  16. Comment  by isa

    she’s got a really nice voice. very talented.

    also i think she enunciates better than beyonce, which is pretty impressive given that beyonce’s first language is actually english. :P

  17. Comment  by jayson

    i love you, your awesome

  18. Comment  by Missy


  19. Comment  by carl

    perfect voice…

  20. Comment  by Abby

    That is so cool! I’m extremely impressed. I’m not sure what I expected as far as her voice goes, but she’s better than I would have given her credit for (shame on me, I know.) Major kudos!

  21. Comment  by bnasir51


  22. Comment  by Love

    So nice, like I got stabed in my heart because I don’t know her name and can’f find more. Aww, I’m happy anyway now.

  23. Comment  by Love

    The heart just got healed ;) She’s “applegirl002″ on the tube.

  24. Comment  by anonymous

    This blew my mind.

    For whatever reason, I spent the first half of the video thinking she was going to do an instrumental version, then she started singing, and I was like “Okay, is she lip-synching?”

    Then it hit me that, no she can’t be because she sounds way better than beyonce.

    I am amazed by her talent and stage presence.

  25. Comment  by whacko

    I’m not a fan of beyonce.. but im impressed!.. her voice is spot on if not better!! LOADS of strength in her voice!! she should be recruited NOW..

  26. Comment  by jonny knobody

    pretty fantastic

  27. Comment  by its-berry

    be my girl babe….

  28. Comment  by bill

    i want one

  29. Comment  by Headphone

    She’s awesome! Her YouTube channel is registered in the US and she speaks Japanese on another video, so she might not be Korean.

  30. Comment  by Me-Mo

    Very nice voice,cool iphone app,and she is very cute too :)

  31. Comment  by Dutchable

    LOL nice voice, but something says me she has no clue, what words she’s singing

    • Comment  by David

      Something tells me you have no idea. I think with the clarity and pronunciation she uses, she probably has a very fine mastery of English. She’s no doubt travelled a little further than you.

  32. Comment  by Pinoy

    Forget the iPhones. She is a great singer.

  33. Comment  by SGD

    i wanna marry this girl.
    i love music and her voice… oh that voice.

  34. Comment  by HerbCSO

    pretty and good attitude, too. Hope somebody sees this and makes her a star! ;]

  35. Comment  by Jon


  36. Comment  by TurtleShell

    I was sooooo not expecting that. I love this! <3

  37. Comment  by Gustavo

    Awesome! She has an incredible voice.

  38. Comment  by anson

    WOW! is she actually playing iphone guitar while singing??

  39. Comment  by Troy

    Put her on Idol

  40. Comment  by Anonymouse

    So cute! So unmolested by hormones laced meats and milk products! Wish More American girls could appear so naturally developed, pure and normally matured! She reminds me of the Chinese female Atheletes - properly matured, not the products of the great food sadness in America today

    • Comment  by gds

      What is wrong with you??

    • Comment  by anonymous

      you are dumb

    • Comment  by hello

      you’re a genius

  41. Comment  by Honour

    You know the application name on iphone??

  42. Comment  by Hookah

    …The Girl’s got Seoul

    • Comment  by anon


  43. Comment  by Xanadoo

    wow, you have an amazing voice. Someone find this girl, and give her a label.

  44. Comment  by Bravo

    and so?

  45. Comment  by bob


  46. Comment  by Meli

    wow… she’s good

  47. Comment  by skinnyg


  48. Comment  by chuloc

    wow amazing

  49. Comment  by Jimmy Dean

    wow, bad. she cant sing. those apps sound really bad too! seriously

  50. Comment  by Allison

    You guys are over-reacting, she’s not that talented.

  51. Comment  by JORDYXX

    omg i want her voice it is beautiful

  52. Comment  by kismet

    marry me!!!

  53. Comment  by charlemagne


  54. Comment  by mark

    amazing girl

  55. Comment  by Evgeny


  56. Comment  by John

    Omg. Girl you have a great voice. The fact that you put that beat together yourself just goes to show that you got more talent than Beyonce.

    • Comment  by dbag

      yeah… relax

  57. Comment  by steph

    that was awesome!

  58. Comment  by hexidimentional

    the use of the iphones is impressive but i cant help but think that a laptop with cool edit pro and fruity loops studio would have been a lot cheaper :/

  59. Comment  by Patty

    This girl has the best voice I’ve heard on the internet

  60. Comment  by Stevie

    Wow that’s cool. She has an amazing voice too.

  61. Comment  by U.S.N8

    If this really just happened… I am in love !

  62. Comment  by meattruck

    american idol s calling you babygirl

  63. Comment  by Mat

    Can someone please give her a record contract? Amazing voice!

  64. Comment  by Krøllebølle

    Amazing voice, she should have the text by her side while singing though ^^

    • Comment  by David

      Why does she need the text beside her? Does Beyonce do that?

  65. Comment  by tomast

    She’s hot……. for an asian chick

  66. Comment  by really

    I guess Beyonce and her over-paid staff are, how do you say it….replacable? Who would have thought a multi-million dollar pop star could be replaced by a random girl who doesn’t even speak English as her first language?

  67. Comment  by Talkingcat

    Woah… great voice, cute as hell, and actually musical.

  68. Comment  by rodrigo

    These Koreans are amazing….

  69. Comment  by Maxim

    Nice voice! And nice Apps for the Iphone too! :)

  70. Comment  by alexx


  71. Comment  by A dude

    I don’t think she’s Korean, she has a Japanese symbol on her t-shirt. Anyway, she’s amazing.

  72. Comment  by kei

    she sings so cute. :)

  73. Comment  by Playa


  74. Comment  by Carolyn

    Holy did her voice ever surprise me lol…shes amazing! Def thumbs up.

  75. Comment  by alex

    she’s awesome

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