Internet users guide from 1990



What is surfing? And what’s that World Wide Web all about? A curious Internet guide from 1990.

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  1. Comment  by David from Sydney

    1990? I don’t think so, maybe 1995….

  2. Comment  by Ephemeriis

    Definitely not 1995 David. The computer is definitely running windows 3.something… That looks like a very early version of Netscape… And those web pages absolutely scream “dawn of HTML”.

  3. Comment  by phil

    really not 1995. You must be very young and not know the internet history, I was 23 in 1995.

  4. Comment  by Khun

    92-93, i say.

  5. Comment  by Rob

    Well, the WWW was available for public from 1st august 1991 on, so i doubt this video being from 1990 as well ;)

  6. Comment  by Pie

    Funny as this is, it’s almost painful to watch :-)

  7. Comment  by Dave (not from Sydney)

    Sadly, David is probably correct. Netscape wasn’t released until late 1994:
    “…Mosaic Netscape 0.9, released on October 13, 1994..”

    I’ve been using TCP/IP since the mid-80’s on BARRNET (using Trumpet WinSock). I’m familiar with the history.

    Perhaps a better title would’ve been “A curious guide from the 1990’s”…

  8. Comment  by Mike

    Considering the first version of Netscape was released in 1994, this is definitely not from 1990, 1995 sounds about right

  9. Comment  by Domenic

    Is that Tobias?

    • Comment  by Trik

      definately mr. fĂĽnke

      • Comment  by clop

        i’m still waiting for the Arrested development credits.

  10. Comment  by Rob

    Remember, You need at least 4mb of ram…

    • Comment  by dwindle

      and the little key to wind it up

  11. Comment  by MOs

    cant belive ppl where lik that back then.

    • Comment  by Correcto

      It’s: “Can’t, Believe, and Were”. Oh, and LMAO…

      • Comment  by Ibzm

        Thank you correcto thank you very much

    • Comment  by dst

      You are asking why were they dumb, but by looking at your post, I suspect you’re the silly one..

    • Comment  by LOL

      Oh the unintended humor of your comment… Thanks for the chuckle, sir.

  12. Comment  by Jo

    This was so intense I couldn’t watch the whole thing.

  13. Comment  by Dale

    Why did they bleep out the word “sports”?

    • Comment  by B.K.

      They tried to make it sound like they were saying ’se x.’
      Which of course with us knowing what half the web is used for today, was a fantastic irony. hahaha

    • Comment  by Austin

      Its called a joke.

    • Comment  by Daleisfucktarded

      Because they knew you’d be confused.

  14. Comment  by easybutton

    Try 1992, you know, the year HTML was created on a NeXT computer.

  15. Comment  by socrateberserk

    remember this old time, with my 486 AMD 66 cyrix 4mb of ram and a 2400 b/s (means 2.4k/s) i was 12 years old and i chatted with my friend using “comit” a old application for file and message exchange…

  16. Comment  by Deletham_Tomalak

    Wow…I feel so old

  17. Comment  by Isxsp

    when that drum kicks in at 2 mins, I thought I was about to be rickrolled

    • Comment  by Rickrolling

      As old as the internet itself.

  18. Comment  by Ouza

    “Wow! She’s clicking that thing like a pro!”

  19. Comment  by Chris F.

    +1 to the rickrolled comment. I had the same feeling.

  20. Comment  by omg

    thats the inernet?

  21. Comment  by toy124

    damn the 90s were good

  22. Comment  by WiDoW_MaK3R

    i loled @ the old style webpages and the 8bit pr0n

  23. Comment  by Anonymous

    hahahah great

  24. Comment  by Ian

    I remember the net being a little more then that in 1994, but then again a long time ago.

  25. Comment  by aguy

    It is very obvious that this video is photoshopped. I can tell from the pixels and from seeing quite a few in my time.

    • Comment  by boo

      nice try troll

  26. Comment  by marsous

    Well, my second computer WAS a 486 DX2 66 mhz, like in the video. and a HDD of 640 mb(compressed). And I bought it brand new in 1993. The sites on internet didnt look like this (on video) before 1997… Still love Netscape! Thx for PPP and undernet remembrance!

  27. Comment  by Isaac

    “400 megabyte hard drive…”
    I lol’d.
    Also, I loved how the 500×200 .jpg took up the whole screen.

  28. Comment  by Scott

    The “Internet Underground Music Archive” was launched in 1992, and was purchased by EMusic in 1998…so it would have to be from sometime in that six year span.

  29. Comment  by anon

    March 1992 is the absolute earliest this video could have been made because the 486 DX66 wasn’t available to anyone before then. And since their “recommended” computer spec also includes a 400MB hard drive, I would place the date between 1993 and 1994.

  30. Comment  by Flyboy

    Who is the babe? I want her!

  31. Comment  by zomg

    aahhh… and look at us now… the sum of all human knowledge and we are searching for brittney spears and lolcats

  32. Comment  by megashyguy

    that lady called him a newbie a ta beginning

  33. Comment  by lucas

    remember guys you need at least 4 megs of ram,yeah yeah i know that’s a lot to ask these days…..

  34. Comment  by Curt

    WOW! I was like 7 when this was released… if it was in fact released in 1990!!!

  35. Comment  by Dave

    Who cares how old you where when this was released.

  36. Comment  by Sam

    There were no womenz on teh internets in the ninety’s.

  37. Comment  by M.-J. Taylor

    Sorry, Curt, Netscape wasn’t around in 1990 … nor was the World Wide Web. That was 1991, and Mosaic the first well known browser came out in 1992. Netscape was developed later. 1994, actually.

  38. Comment  by Ummmm

    Why is everyone still trying to figure out when this video was made? Wasn’t this established already? Look above.

  39. Comment  by eye

    As commented earlier, the video is from 1995, earliest. IUMA wasn’t launched until 1993 (and took a couple of years to become really popular) and the first version of Netscape Navigator 1.0 (I’m not sure if it’s 1.0 though) didn’t have its release until december 14, 1994.

  40. Comment  by Lennic95

    Hahahaha!!! 4 ram!

  41. Comment  by keef

    computers?…. internet?….?

  42. Comment  by karmisson

    “mow-dem” Modem grass down! P.S. She’s hott!

  43. Comment  by matthew

    4 mb of RAM and 400 mb of disk space hahhaha wow times really have changed now its more like 4 Gigs of RAM and 400 Gigs of disk space lol oh how times have changed

  44. Comment  by Anthony

    This is almost like talking to my parents.

  45. Comment  by sam

    hahahahaha i thought the same thing as a few other people did, that dude looks just like david cross.

  46. Comment  by otl550

    Great comment zomg, so true!

  47. Comment  by The skipper

    Dial up is so much faster than i remember it.

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