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TGM HOLiC aka Jin8 playing TGM3. He’s the best tetris ds player in the world.
It’s slow in the beginning, insanely fast near the end. Speed increases at 3 minutes and an invisible level shows up after 5 minutes during the credit roll.
Keep in mind this video is an official Arika release (makers of the Street Fighter EX series.)

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  1. Comment  by ijeoma

    how can he still play when he cant see where they’re landing???? crazyness

    • Comment  by Kimano

      He’s a good enough player that he can picture the blocks in his head as he plays. Very good chess players are also able to do this as well.

  2. Comment  by drake

    im impressed

  3. Comment  by SquareFan

    That’s the only person in the world that likes the battle system in final fantasy 13…

  4. Comment  by Danny

    I feel like not playing tetris anymore.

    • Comment  by Whee

      LOL I was thinking the same thing!!!

  5. Comment  by Master Ryu

    I Just don’t believe that is possible -_- That fast? You cant really move it when it falls cause it goes straight down. I must say to me this video is a FAKE. There’s 2 screens. 1 for the game itself, and the other his hands. How do you know that they didn’t speed up the tetris side, while leaving his hands at a normal speed to make it look insane like that? Plus at the end you don’t even see where the pieces are landing! You can’t play like that no matter what ya say -_- I say this video is a big fake one.

    • Comment  by Naphistim

      It’s not fake, Tetris is far more intricate a game than you probably realize. Playing like this requires a lot of pattern acuity, muscle memory, and more. I used to play TGM (Tetris Grand Master) at a local arcade and saw a handful of people go for their master promotions and such, plus many people online at do just as well with a keyboard (I’ve - sadly - had the displeasure of getting schooled by them in Arena mode at times.)

      • Comment  by alex

        unfortunately i cant stand to play on tetrisfriends anymore after i found out that everyone you play against is a bot. next time you play- unplug your internet and see for yourself- they keep playing.

        and to ryu- look at the timer in the tetris side, its normal speed.

  6. Comment  by HomeRow

    People don’t seem to get how this is possible. It’s easy in theory, just takes a lot of time to train yourself properly. He knows a couple things. One, he starts with a blank board. As he can see the next three pieces coming, he’s well aware of the upcoming potential configurations of the board. Playing Tetris at this level is all about making shapes with the pieces available. He’s not looking at the board. He knows what it looks like. He’s looking at the upcoming pieces so he can decide where to insert them. This is how he plays the invisible level.

    Second, he uses the “Hold” feature to socket away a choice block (usually but not always a line-piece) so he can complete a Tetris on-demand. This gives him a second while the lines clear to shape out the upcoming pieces. This feature is not available in all models of Tetris.

    Third, the pieces appear two blocks above the top of his playing field because of his difficulty setting. They’re not dropping that fast from the top, they’re made to appear close to the bottom from the get-go.

  7. Comment  by Lauren

    What. No. This is…What.

  8. Comment  by Alx


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