Happiest Dog Ever Welcomes Home Soldier Dad



Soldier comes back from war in Kandahar, his dog is incredibly happy and gives him the most warming welcome.

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  1. Comment  by sappyfacemagee

    its the little things in life that matters the most

  2. Comment  by Andy

    That was one of the best videos I have ever seen on the internet. Thank you to all who serve in our military!

  3. Comment  by Tiffany

    My dog does this every time I come home. haha. It makes me feel sooo loved. I love dogs.

  4. Comment  by Kay

    Great video.

  5. Comment  by Rae

    This made me smile so much :) thanks for posting this!

  6. Comment  by Marc

    My Black Lab did almost the same thing when I returned from Qatar, of course it was in the vestibule of our home and she literally crept towards me on all fours until I was right over her and when I spoke her name she went ballistic, she was everywhere. Of course she weighs 70lbs and in such a confined space it was a lot less civil than this. Lol…

  7. Comment  by Cheese

    it brought tears to my eyes….

  8. Comment  by Daan


  9. Comment  by mary

    so sweet sound like the dog said yes

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