Glow in the Dark Dancers



Performance by fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha for the 2009 Anchorsplash charity talent show at Virginia Tech.

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  1. Comment  by ummm

    can any one tell me why that was exciting?

    • Comment  by Spud

      Probably because everyone was drunk and taking pills.

      • Comment  by scots

        And listening to some classic Prodigy!

        • Comment  by alexandria

          that wasnt prodigy it was daft punk

          • Comment  by Varadin

            It’s Prodigy first, then mixed into what you know as Daft Punk.

          • Comment  by chris

            its a mix of prodigy and daft punk

          • Comment  by alexandria.doesnt.know.

            it was prodigy

          • Comment  by jay

            no, that is prodigy. nice try though.

          • Comment  by AnAnalogWorm

            eh its pretty clear that it was daft punk mixed into prodigy.

          • Comment  by Little Monster

            It is, in fact, Prodigy AND Daft Punk, two classic revolutionary techno/dance/industrial artists in what’s known in the techno/dance/industrial genre as a “MASH UP.” In this mash up, there is also a “SAMPLE” of Afrika Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock,” which you might also know as Common’s “Universal Mind Control,” due to the fact that the original was “SAMPLED” by Common. Know your music before you start ripping people. It’s disrespectful.

            P.S. On a lighter note, this mash up is pretty sweet. If anyone knows where I can download it, post a link please, that’d be great.

          • Comment  by Pat

            Why are you arguing about this?? It’s not important.. it was a charity!!

      • Comment  by ...

        uhhh no. because that was pretty much crazy amazing, and you’re too blind to see the intense creativity of this performance

        • Comment  by heywood

          It was creative when a couple of japanese guys did it with a black curtain and a pinpong table. This is just the same deal with irradiated overalls.

          • Comment  by jablowme

            It’s not creative if someone did something like it before? Maybe life would be more fun for you if you weren’t such a downer.

        • Comment  by jodete

          creativity??? pretty much amazing??? …..hahahahahaha I don’t think so

        • Comment  by tincup

          really? because i’ve seen a ton just like it and i just saw this for the first time. pretty weak to tell you the truth. much less unoriginal.

      • Comment  by umm...

        it was at a charity talent show…..

        • Comment  by oh

          I guess ur saying the shows kinda bad huh? lol..

    • Comment  by memyself and I

      If you were there in the dark it would be great to see and enjoy the music

    • Comment  by Sam

      Because the basics were awesome! There just lacked some creativity in the actual dance…

    • Comment  by diegatzo

      This is lady gaga!!!

  2. Comment  by well

    because it was a bunch of college students who got glow in the dark jumpsuits and put on a fairly spectacular show.

    • Comment  by sethopatamus

      black light actually

    • Comment  by College?

      whether it is college students or not,give the aud things that glow in dark will let them think they have done a great job on the show. if the glow things were taken off, plp wont like this show as much.

  3. Comment  by Terry

    Interesting medium if it were implemented by people with more talent than my high school drama class.

  4. Comment  by cuz

    there hands control their legs!!!!! duh!!!….yeah… that wasn’t very good. Americans find the simplest things amusing.

    • Comment  by chiefs23

      Actually their hands don’t control their legs, there are people in blackout suits that are picking the people up.

    • Comment  by man

      Get off your high horse, please

      • Comment  by jester

        I don’t like it…it’s a really bad video

        • Comment  by Anon

          you’re all wrong, they’re all sitting on stools

          • Comment  by MHermit

            Nay sire… You are wrong. There are people in blackout suits as chief said. It’s an art form invented by the Japanese. You couldn’t do all that just by sitting on stools.

          • Comment  by Ian

            its true. Their legs are fake. You can see it.

    • Comment  by drewcifer

      Americans also use grammar.

    • Comment  by Anonymous

      Hahahahahahaha, like soccer?

      • Comment  by ohdear

        Someone knows the meaning of grammar…. Its the structure of language not language itself. And it should be called football, it was made into a standard sport (given rules, etc.) in London.. that England. You dumb American’s just call it soccer, because you already had a “Football”

        • Comment  by smarterthanyou

          “You dumb American’s”… oh the irony

        • Comment  by MHermit

          Sure football is it’s true name. Language is adjusted for clarity and culture. In America we use a different English than you Brits (etc.) do, same goes for Mexico vs. Spain vs. Chile vs. all the other Spanish speaking countries. So please, don’t call us dumb, especially when that’s not even the proper use of that word.

        • Comment  by chared

          whatever you say govnah! cheerio!

    • Comment  by VT bEAST

      its not some insanely choreographed dance routine, it was a charity performance, it was a cool idea though and undeniably visually appealing.

    • Comment  by Please

      Yeah, Americans are so simple-minded. Definitely. Or we don’t feel the need to wildly over-analyze things that look like fun.

    • Comment  by Anonymous

      I believe that they were supported on black pedestals, actually. Look through it again, you can see them siting or kneeling on the pedestals while they’re “floating”.

    • Comment  by Mark

      If you really think you’re that much better I feel sorry for you.

    • Comment  by Jami

      It amazes me how one can make such bold (and inaccurate) comments from one little video.

    • Comment  by spock

      dude, don’t make it this an argument about different cultures. i would like to see you coordinate something like that. get off your high horse, bro.

    • Comment  by Tom

      Your ignorance is amusing

    • Comment  by Anonymous

      Ans people like you need to learn how to enjoy even the simplest things in life. “Americans find the simplest things amusing.” What are you trying to say huh? People like you always saying things like that to make the world’s social life full of crap.

    • Comment  by LOL

      Agreed, they like glow stuffs

  5. Comment  by Randy

    Let’s see you do it.

  6. Comment  by ???

    ‘ummm’ i agree

  7. Comment  by mem

    Dude it’s a concert, people scream for no real reason sometimes.

  8. Comment  by stumbled

    great stuff

  9. Comment  by adan

    Shame about the crappy advertising; as if anyone really could win this!

  10. Comment  by SWeetchai


  11. Comment  by Alex

    It was exciting because it was original. Unlike half the ballet recitals one finds at a highschool.

    • Comment  by Marci

      Original? You mean like the Japanese pingpong video? Yes, very original how they swiped something off YouTube and didn’t give credit.

      • Comment  by Chill

        How do you know they didn’t give them credit? Did you see the program for the event? Did you hear the pre or post MC comments? No. So relax, why accuse when you have no proof?

      • Comment  by MWL

        yea… people have been using blacksuits for a similar effect for a while, not just on YT. maybe you should get out of your moms basement sometime.

      • Comment  by MHermit

        That art form you’re talking about is a MEDIA not a painting.

        • Comment  by jules

          i go to VT. and i just have to say, interesting idea, crappy execution. im sorry but im dumbfounded as how such a mediocre skit could garner such a feedback from the crowd…oh, sororities and frats…nvm

          and originality?…please

          at 6:10, from UT Austin. done way better too.

          • Comment  by wow..ok

            so jules took a look at the link let me tell you… it was worse than the Pi Kappa Alpha. The girl to the left of the screen is way off beat through a lot of the song. Also, they use a different media altogether I don’t know where in your mind you thought black light and strobe were the same but they are not.

      • Comment  by rocky

        so wheres your citation? are you going to give credit to those that already said it was ripped off by Japanese ping pong?

  12. Comment  by haha

    hey, that was sweet..

  13. Comment  by ruined

    All those scream really ruin the show, actually. As the first dude said.. it’s not THAT exciting.

  14. Comment  by Pedals

    Meh! The Japs do it far, far better……..

    • Comment  by Phunk

      the term “Japs” is derogatory…I wish more people knew that :( Please say Japanese, it’s nicer

  15. Comment  by Well

    Maybe its not the best or that great, but its the point that they thought of it and fairly well-executed, for college kids. Its not like they do that sort of thing for a living, or you see that sort of thing everyday at school.

  16. Comment  by Nicklebags

    I didn’t like it

    • Comment  by not amused

      I want to see you doing it

      • Comment  by Sup

        I think that if you are planning to make a show like this you should do it right, not like this

        • Comment  by stop

          I liked it, it’s really hard to dance all at the same time, you need to practice a lot. You guys really need to stop complaining about everything…

  17. Comment  by fish

    their hands didn’t control their legs. the japanese have been doing this kinda stuff in plain sight on television for years. there were three other dancers there dressed entirely in black that the glow-in-the-dark guys were strapped to.

  18. Comment  by stumbled2

    this is pretty awesome, stop hating on it.

  19. Comment  by LTown

    That was sweet. How could anyone not be entertained by that?

  20. Comment  by zmanminibug

    i thought it was awesome!

  21. Comment  by Bubba

    Something they put a little effort into for free. Pretty cool. Neat idea. 10 times better than a bunch of frat boys getting up there in drag.

  22. Comment  by nanons

    that wasn’t original. they bit all this from the Japanese ping pong video.

    • Comment  by Chill

      It’s people doing something for charity. Not your typical “animal house” stereotype huh? And no it is not original but neither is it by any means easy to pull off by amateurs. Why can’t you just chill.

      • Comment  by MHermit

        Correction, it is original. Not an original media, but an original performance. They still had to think to do this, originality has nothing to do with what the media is and everything to do with the use of the media.

        • Comment  by juelz

          go to six minutes ten seconds. the crowd is so entranced theyre silent.

          • Comment  by wow..ok

            they are really bad.. more specifically the girls do.. and also there is no music smart one..

  23. Comment  by Better than you

    Whats amazing is how a bunch of now talent LOSERS making comments on the internet will always talk trash about people who are better than they are.

  24. Comment  by max

    it was a fraternity (pi kappa alpha) performing at a sorority philanthropy event (delta gamma’s anchor splash) people always go crazy if its even the least bit amusing and creative and this went way beyond anything ive ever seen. so yes, its fairly impressive.

  25. Comment  by THH


  26. Comment  by aj

    learn to respect…

  27. Comment  by dlt

    I think this was great!!!!

  28. Comment  by john

    there are people holding the things in the air.

    • Comment  by MHermit

      Ever tried working in a team? No? Well that’s what this is, now stop being ignorant.

    • Comment  by kayla


    • Comment  by Anonymous

      Nooooo really? I thought they were using magic!

  29. Comment  by chi town

    that was insane whoever did that props bro that was the coolest thing that i seen in a while keep doin it!

  30. Comment  by BlazerZ

    I totally enjoyed it.

  31. Comment  by jrs

    someone already said it but people judged that as a professional performance. it was a bunch of college kids that did something that was cool so get off their back because it wasn’t to your expectations or similar to avatar. those guys are great!

  32. Comment  by XYZ

    People picking them up? No, these dudes totally have stools behind them. They look like they’re floating when they sit on them.

    • Comment  by wow

      no its obvious there being held cause every so often the glow in the dark gets blocked by someone’s hand when there in the air

  33. Comment  by jester

    if you don’t like it, don’t watch it! personally i think it’s great. i can’t do anything like that!

  34. Comment  by boneflexer

    wow that’s cool..

  35. Comment  by what fags

    way to copy the marionette show by expression crew.

    • Comment  by Chill

      Angry because they copied it or because you didn’t. People know it is not their original work but its just for fun and charity. Why have such harsh words man just chill.

  36. Comment  by Cerpent

    To be honest, I was fairly impressed. I know a bit about what it takes, bare minimum, for any sort of theatrical performance. The guys doing that show obviously put some effort in to make sure they were moving the bodysuits in a semblance of human motion. Considering how much work and practice it takes for even professionals to get a group of people all moving together in a semblance of order, I’m pretty impressed with the time and effort they put in for a charity show. Very well done.

  37. Comment  by Marty T.

    That was awesome. Stop hating. I’m sure they probably raised a bunch of money at that event for some charity. What have you done today?…That’s right, you anonymously talked shot about some people that you don’t know from behind your computer. Pathetic.

  38. Comment  by the longer the better

    Good idea. It’s too bad they didn’t make it last way too long.

    Oh wait…

  39. Comment  by Pessimist

    Delta Gamma were the greek letters flashed at the end. not Pi Kappa Alpha

    • Comment  by person

      because Delta Gamma is the sorority who hosted the charity event. Pi Kappa Alpha is the fraternity performing. Most of these talent shows hosted by sororities or fraternities are contests, and flashing the hosting sorority’s letters at the end probably earned them points. Personally this is one of the most planned-out and intricate skits I have seen at one of these events. I think its pretty cool.

  40. Comment  by Serb

    Performance, choreography, music, crowd… Torture for eyes and ears.

    • Comment  by Chill

      Then explain why you watched the entire thing and decided to leave a negative comment if it was such torture. Unless your into that sort of pain loving thing. Hey whatever floats your boat but just think about what you say. Chill

  41. Comment  by blinker

    great!!! They had to practice a lot…I liked it!

  42. Comment  by Susie Q.

    hmmm some people just dont know how to appreciate the amount of work put into preforming and arts. first of all these are college students, not only do they go to class but they are putting together a charity show to raise money. also i dont know about u but i am a college student right now and i dont have very much money so i am sure they didnt have the biggest budget for a set, so if u want to compare them to the professional korean dance crew who make a living from dancing professionally and have a larger budget for set design and choreography then u should also compare that the expression crew didnt do it for charity. so i would like to say good job to the frat who put this show on!!!!

    • Comment  by Jami

      I agree! Most of these people haven’t even attended college. Their miserable lives are validated by posting negative feedback on message boards.

  43. Comment  by Benji


  44. Comment  by Swamp Angel

    Hey, I thought it was pretty cool. The members of PKA Fraternity did a spectacular job. I was a member of a different fraternity many years ago, and I can tell you that when one fraternity can draw the cheers of its rivals during a competition. . . well that SAYS something!

    This Sig Ep’ says, “Well done, PIKE!”

  45. Comment  by Swamp Angel

    And yes, Pessimist, Delta Gamma was indeed flashed at the end. Anchor Splash is an event sponsored by the Delta Gamma sorority, and participating fraternities do well to show them some respect for the work they put into their fundraisers.

  46. Comment  by The Dude

    I dont think its supposed to be the level of difficulty that makes it impressive, its just really clever and creative and straight up entertaining….


  47. Comment  by MHermit

    Good idea, good execution, sure it’s not professional, but I don’t think that’s the point. So stop hating and clap your hands!

  48. Comment  by Mountain Out of Mole Hill

    …..It was a charity, guys. I don’t see why there has to be a big fuss.

  49. Comment  by Jami

    I wonder if all of you Negative Nancies have ever done anything of this nature? You are so great at sitting at the computer typing messages, but I doubt you have done anything of this magnitude. Get out of your mum’s basements and put on a better show, if you can.

    • Comment  by ggjeffy

      Pfft! “magnitude”? LOL

      • Comment  by Anonymous

        ‘Pfft! “magnitude”? LOL’ What a good come back…

  50. Comment  by sexy wonderer

    i think this is creative & i would of gone to see it..good job guys!

  51. Comment  by ggjeffy

    Pretty dumb. I guess the audince were all drunk and or stoned?

  52. Comment  by Anns

    I love the hit-backs of the positive comments overruling the negatives. It was a pretty good performance in my opinion, especially since it was done by amateurs.

  53. Comment  by anon

    this is some mighty fine trolling

  54. Comment  by Lt. Marx

    Some very dumb people taking flash photographs.

  55. Comment  by herpderp


    lol this is bad



    • Comment  by Trevor

      LOL this comment is better than the video!

    • Comment  by Anonymous

      no, you forgot to curse at how sucky they are and then you can sit. xD
      Sarcastic ~

  56. Comment  by comment

    this is a comment that i made because i saw something on the internet and other people said things about it. my comment may relate to what i’m commenting on, but not necessarily. this comment should insult some while praising others depending on which side of my comment’s viewpoint you find yourself on. in closing, i call upon the power of Godwin’s Law to bring about the end of this commenting session.


    According to the rules of the internet, commenting is now completely irrelevant and should end immediately.

    • Comment  by Little Monster

      LMAO. Perfection.

  57. Comment  by Amanda

    It was nice to see some positivity in the end after reading much immature bickering over who’s more dumb.
    Perhaps they weren’t the best but they were good enough and they were entertaining. Perhaps those of you who claim it’s dumb and that other people can do better should try it for yourselves. Or don’t make negative comments about it when you don’t know how much hard work and effort it truly takes.

  58. Comment  by skittle68

    I thought it was pretty great- everything is more exciting in real life, expecially if what they did was COMPLETELY different from what everyone else was doing (which I suspect it was), and if they were all drinking (which I’m sure they were). I watched the whole video, and it made me smile :) Quit hating, and enough with the dumb American comments! Every country has its members that they aren’t proud of. America is no different.

  59. Comment  by ...

    not that great. all the annoying children screaming ruined it for me.

  60. Comment  by American #1

    America is obviously still the greatest country ever founded… it’s science. Also, the legs and upper body were controlled by two seperate people. Pretty common method in this type of performance.

  61. Comment  by DO NOT WATCH


  62. Comment  by emm

    they actually got asked to perform at a party after the espys. guess they were better

  63. Comment  by liz

    crowd goes wayyy too crazy on some parts, they cheer at the most useless things.

    it wasn’t that good, it was pretty boring. i mean the effect was cool, but they should of used it to their advantage more.

  64. Comment  by LOL

    LMAO!!! Its funny to see how dumb the West is for fighting over how they differ in speaking. You think if you criticize each other you will get better in life? Come on now, grow up.

  65. Comment  by Colby

    very well done!!!!

  66. Comment  by JusMe

    Reality check: This is just a web page designed to share a small bit of entertainment. If you don’t like it click the Stumble Button at the top of the page.

  67. Comment  by Liz

    I liked it.

  68. Comment  by mike


  69. Comment  by matt

    That was sweet. Everyone who says it was lame is just a debbie downer.

  70. Comment  by Marcy


  71. Comment  by kriz

    i dont get it! how did they do it??

    • Comment  by meh

      i do, by copying a routine done by a group three years before them…

  72. Comment  by lame

    That’s some pretty crappy dancing right there. Blacklight stuff can be awesome when it’s done properly, but this is so elementary school talent-show. Stop wasting bandwidth…

  73. Comment  by gogreek101

    Ah omg I love DG’s anchorsplash! so much funn. Laughing out loud at all the haters out there.. VT’s greek community is awesome!

  74. Comment  by kyle

    did anyone read that this was for a talent show before they opened their fat mouths ? im impressed

  75. Comment  by Concerned Citizen

    I really didn’t feel like reading through all the comments to see if somebody had brought this up already, but, I must ask, why in the world would you use a flash on your camera to take a picture of that? I hate, hate, hate when people go to things like this and leave common sense at home. Aren’t you supposed to be in college, for God’s sake?

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