Girl Sings Opera Song From ‘The 5th Element’



Remember the blue alien lady that sings that crazy techno opera song in The Fifth Element? Laura can sing the song perfectly.

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  1. Comment  by Toast

    Just a little flat at 1:55… but otherwise, stellar!

    • Comment  by bob

      Thank you Simon!?!

      • Comment  by Simon

        Come now, using that comment, really? You are brilliant, I hope you procreate and have puppies so that all forums and posts can be blessed with your wisdom and slightly improved DNA.

        • Comment  by GES


    • Comment  by Dune

      Actually, her intonation was just fine at 1:55.

    • Comment  by blah

      shut up. let the chick sing and enjoy herself, who are you to judge? record yourself and do it better if you want to judge

    • Comment  by toast is an idiot


  2. Comment  by kanyu

    neighbors must love her :$

  3. Comment  by Ruby Red


  4. Comment  by Chose

    Great performance, but i cant help but giggle at the face she makes while singing.

    • Comment  by Windyo

      Agreed. Though Mrs Blue Alien also makes hilarious faces whilst singing.

  5. Comment  by Froidemort

    GG :)

  6. Comment  by twisty

    Wow that’s crazy, the singer in the movie didn’t even sing all of that high part it was digitally made.

    • Comment  by noo

      no it was not. documentary says it was all her.

      • Comment  by Gareth

        It’s blatantly a midi track on some notes in the film, to get the definition of the note changes I imagine. This is pretty awesome as an unaided effort.

      • Comment  by jonathan Buell

        check your ears. the movie was completely digitally altered

      • Comment  by Clay

        The original singer even remarked it was impossible to get perfect jumps between notes that fast upon first looking at the music. That is why you can hear some of the digital jumps between pitches so fast.

        Laura though sounded outstanding with it though!

    • Comment  by CrackedPepper86

      Actually it was her singing but they digitally cut the notes together because she couldn’t change pitches that fast.

    • Comment  by Sasha

      The singer was not in the movie, and she did sing those notes. She actually has an amazing voice. Her name is Sarah Brightman, and, although she only did the voice for The Fifth Element, her acting debut was made in 2008 in the musical Repo! The Genetic Opera, in which she does magnificently.

      • Comment  by Ashley

        Sarah Brightman’s acting debut was made in 1981 with Cats……….???? However the song was performed by Inva Mula.

  7. Comment  by cathy


  8. Comment  by pooper

    anyone else notice the creepy guys at :40

    • Comment  by pooppp

      haha yeah thats hilarious.

    • Comment  by anon

      that was her husband.

    • Comment  by ezra

      yes! hahaha!

  9. Comment  by eric

    very talented, but i think the crazy bit at 1:40, though excellent and the closest one can get to that effected section of the song, is incorrect.

  10. Comment  by loathing

    why did i watch this?
    and who the hell stumbled this

    • Comment  by Seras

      I’m wondering the same thing.

  11. Comment  by Justin

    marry me! lol

  12. Comment  by Wendy

    woman, that was impressive!

  13. Comment  by Valley

    Love it Lady!!!

  14. Comment  by Roy

    Definitely not bad at all, buuut I can’t say it was perfect. 5th Element is one of my favorite movies, so I’ve pretty much got that song committed to memory :P

  15. Comment  by Alexandra

    Very impressive! :) wish I could do that..

  16. Comment  by isign69

    Loved it….you done good…no….make that…….AWESOME!!!!!

  17. Comment  by anonymous

    You’re incredible sir.

  18. Comment  by Michael

    This is amazing! =] Love it!

  19. Comment  by anon

    I got goosebumps. That was pretty much like the movie. Considering there was no post production this was impressive.

  20. Comment  by abe

    not a midi track on the film to get note clarity… its called coloratura singing. even though it doesn’t seem like a specialty of hers she is capable of the techniques

  21. Comment  by DBMAN


  22. Comment  by Mandie

    That was really good you really sounded like the diva

  23. Comment  by Damien

    holy crap, i thought that song was impossible

  24. Comment  by Alu

    Omg I love it! I want this for my cellphone lol!

  25. Comment  by Kittin

    wow… just… WOW. I’ve been singing this in the shower for years just for fun, I didn’t think it was possible for it to be sung well without digital help. BRAVO!!

  26. Comment  by aaron


  27. Comment  by justin


  28. Comment  by kris

    amazing 7 octive range!

  29. Comment  by Kristien

    BANGIN’ (a good thing)

  30. Comment  by Little_Lucy

    i love her….. <3

  31. Comment  by El_Derprado


  32. Comment  by Psychosympath


  33. Comment  by big shwanky

    i bet she gives great head

  34. Comment  by aSD

    Wow, great

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