Final Cello Countdown



And you thought you will never see head banging while playing cellos. A concert in Kipsala hall with the Symphonic orchestra of Liepaja.

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  1. Comment  by leemou

    damn’ ..they’r great

  2. Comment  by Mike D

    If you actually thought you’d never see head banging while playing cellos you need to go check out Apocalyptica.

  3. Comment  by Steve P.

    Did you notice the guy on the left looses his glasses? You gotta rock the cello pretty hard to do that. 2nd the nod for Apocalyptica and Rasputina

  4. Comment  by Dave


  5. Comment  by stranger

    The cello players behind them are like “what the hell do we need to be here for?”

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Added: May 15th, 2010 at 8:47 pm

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