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This guy has an amazing voice and can do the most convincing imitation of Jay-z, LL cool J, Snoop Dogg and DMX.

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Imogen Heap singing "Just For Now." This performance shows what loop machines can do in the hands of someone with a lot of talent.

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This is Skratch Bastid, hip hop dj and record producer. This was his first of 3 wins at scribble jam, his latest being in 2007....

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This guy makes a rap song, singing it forwards first, then singing it backwards, reversing its meaning.

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Watch this small little girl sing the song Amazing Grace. This is truly inspiring and amazing. Her voice is just marvelous.

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These guys prove that you only need four chords to write every pop song ever made in history. Australian comedy group 'Axis Of...

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This is a song made only with sounds of Windows XP error messages and alert pop-ups.

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Girl plays a flawless Star Wars cover using her old Electone organ by Yamaha. She uses both her hands and her foot to play every...

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What if Lady Gaga was no longer a popstar? What would she do in her everyday normal life? HUNGRY BEAST looks at ways Lady Gaga...

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This is the song Irreplaceable by Beyonce on I-Phone Apps. This girl is a great musician and would actually serve herself better...

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