Cat Annoys Sleeping Guy All Night



Did you ever wonder what cats do while you’re asleep? This guy did, so he set up a time lapse camera to find out.

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  1. Comment  by moowie

    Wow, I’d kick that cat out of the bedroom in a heartbeat! I have three cats and they all know better than to move around all night.

  2. Comment  by Vitamin A

    That’s pretty funny. and now that the sun has come up the cat will sleep all day. The cat i have now reaches his arm under the door and fiddles with the door stopper when i lock him out of my room at night.

  3. Comment  by JKARL

    kitties are so nice…

  4. Comment  by Anonymous


    • Comment  by meme

      meow ?

      • Comment  by Anonymous


        • Comment  by meme


          • Comment  by me5


          • Comment  by Anonymous

            No meow!

          • Comment  by keera


          • Comment  by Lulz

            I honestly found that hilarious, just watching the cat!
            I remember once I heard a *THUMP* and found that my cat fell of her cat tree! XDD HILARIOUS!
            (It’s like a playhouse with different platforms and stuff, she fell off the highest platform)
            Thankfully she landed on my bed! So she didn’t get hurt.

    • Comment  by mememaster

      Needs moar MEOW.

  5. Comment  by hic

    that cat owns him.

  6. Comment  by Leah

    My cat actually allows me to sleep - I feel for you guy!

  7. Comment  by Yawhay

    Stumbleupon is for dumbs…

    • Comment  by Annonymous


    • Comment  by Weewah

      And you are… a pirate?

    • Comment  by Immortal

      at least we know why your here

    • Comment  by confused...

      I’m not a dumb and I use Stumbleupon.

  8. Comment  by DeeJay

    This is so true..i have three of the lil buggers, and they are bright eyed and bushy tailed as soon as i pop into bed. Thanks for sharing, this was hilarious!

  9. Comment  by Amsarek

    awww, that was great!!!

  10. Comment  by Homebrew5

    Why not just let the cat out?

    • Comment  by CommonSense

      Some people prefer their pets not get squished by cars.

    • Comment  by Responsible cat owner

      Yeah, some people are responsible, who keep their cats inside where they belong.

      • Comment  by froglamp

        HOW exactly did you get the idea Cats are supposed to be indoor animals? They are natural predators and are happier when allowed out regularly. I have had a great many cats, all of whom are still alive, or died naturally, may they rest in peace, and every last one has been far the happier for being allowed outside.

        • Comment  by CityKitty

          In the city, where i live you do NOT want to let your cat outside. people are mean. they run them over on purpose (i lost one cat like that) and once one of my neighbors was found poisoning the cats in the neighborhood. So yes, they do belong out in the wild but here in the city for me my cat stays inside because i do not trust other people.

      • Comment  by Michaela Krawec

        cats should be able to go outside if they want to. they are happy outside. i have had a cat for 10 years, goes outside every night and he is very happy

  11. Comment  by brickbat

    yeah, that’s what I figured. I had a cat that would do that kind of thing. Also liked to bite me on the eyebrow now and again if I wasn’t reacting enough to suit him. Miss that little bastard…

  12. Comment  by ???

    HA! That is PRICELESS…

  13. Comment  by kimberlysue

    hahaha, this is pretty much the story of my life

  14. Comment  by dvo

    I think that this is the guy that created the wonder ful Simon’s cat cartoons.

  15. Comment  by Okies

    This video is like the real life version of “Cat Man Do” by Simon’s Cat.

  16. Comment  by MoggyMind

    A cat must do its job. Annoying humans is what cats do best, even better than take naps.

  17. Comment  by Crystal

    I thought my cat was bad. Good grief! LOL!!

  18. Comment  by ray

    i gave two of those :-(

  19. Comment  by ray

    i have

  20. Comment  by johnjacob

    c’mon! the guy was just as restless as the cat

    • Comment  by Tiff

      I agree. I think the guy has sleep apnea and the cat was just making sure he was alright.

      • Comment  by Dave


      • Comment  by JClol

        agreed the cat was just helping him stay healthy

      • Comment  by Mae

        I was thinking the same watching this… a lot of the time the guy was waking up while the cat was perfectly still. He obviously has some sort of sleep disorder NOT caused by the cat… the cat probably knows it and is actually trying to help him in its own cute way.

        • Comment  by Kacc

          I agree. It looks like this guy is tossing and turning so much. Towards the end, it looks like the cat is checking up on the guy as he probably wants to be fed. I would love a kitty that likes to sleep on me as long as it wasn’t a kitty that weighed more than 10 lbs. I had one once who was like that.

  21. Comment  by Mark

    Very familiar.

  22. Comment  by burn

    mutual annoyance hehe

  23. Comment  by dania

    i used to hate my cat for doing so!!
    every night!!

  24. Comment  by Supakitsune

    Did he throw the cat at the end?

  25. Comment  by riseyp

    maybe the guy (and the cat) were more restless than usual, due to the fact the light had to be left on all night in order to capture the video!!

  26. Comment  by Colin

    I think this is actually kind of cute! The cat just wants to spend time with its owner. I wonder if it’s that affectionate while he’s awake?

  27. Comment  by Ananda

    dude you have the most annoying cat in the world!. God bless ya you have the patience of a saint! or you sleep like the dead ? either way the vid is too CUTE!

  28. Comment  by eightwest

    Very amusing to watch. My cat, Fitz, likes to lick me awake at ungodly times in the early morning. Waking up via a small, wet swath of sandpaper insistently stroking against my forearm is incredibly irritating.

  29. Comment  by midi

    ah yup. one of my cats is the same way.

  30. Comment  by Yolanda

    My hubby & I have three cats. NOW we know why we’re so tired every morning! LOL Not to mention the 125 lb dog that “sneaks” onto the bed during thunderstorms! HA HA HA

  31. Comment  by scrounger

    the cat hadnt it own little blanket to lie on. the guy was annoying the cat more, little blanket at bottom of bed and cat wont be hasseled when we move around

  32. Comment  by Sueper

    It looked to me like the poor cat couldnt rest because the guy was pulling the covers as he tossed and turned.

  33. Comment  by priss

    You know, my cats do this, and it doesn’t even phase me. They’re all of 9 pounds and very quiet. It’s not like my husband, who snores and rolls all over the place. I sleep through that, too.

    If you can’t handle anything around you when you sleep, don’t have cats OR kids. Because they’re both there often.

  34. Comment  by KottonQueen

    what a tweeker kitty

  35. Comment  by Narelle

    That’s hilarious! Wow, I love cats!! Hey, Johnjacob, I think the guy was restless because the cat was being so annoying. :o)

  36. Comment  by Cinamin29

    Awesome!! Too funny! Been there done that!

  37. Comment  by Miett

    …And this is one reason our cats are not allowed in the bedroom. (allergies being the other reason)

  38. Comment  by Me!

    I have 17 cats and they know not to mess with me. They can’t so there. I keep bedroom door closed and them out.

    • Comment  by Jennifer

      That’s a lot of cats!

  39. Comment  by jangle

    That guy was tossing and turning way before that cat did anything that could possibly wake him up

  40. Comment  by Margaret

    It’s fast motion! Of course it looks worse than it is! It feels weird to me if my cat DOESN’T sleep with me (or at least is on the bed) every night! That’s what they do with each other; it’s a huge sign of affection. I wondered the same thing…is it the Simon of the cartoons? My cat sniffs my head until I wake up, then I have to lift up the covers for him to snuggle next to me. LOVE IT…LOVE HIM. Of course, once I have to get up in the AM…ah, NOW kitty has the bed to himself; I leave for work and he’s snoozing peacefully. It’s all just a part of loving and living with a cat. They are such cool creatures.

  41. Comment  by MissP

    This is ‘Paranormal Activity: LOLCatz’

  42. Comment  by Kat

    My cat used to sleep on my back like that. <3 I actually liked it.

  43. Comment  by rick

    burn this cat

  44. Comment  by Kate

    Our cat can be good for awhile, but then she can’t help herself and we have to put her in “solitary confinement”. We have a litter box in the guest room which is across the house from our room and we shut the door. I need my sleep.

  45. Comment  by Ciaran

    Cats are nocturnal pradators folks. He’ got a very playful, bored female. He needs to get this cat a playmate. And then boot them out of the bedroom. My cats do this.sort of thing. They do sleep in the evening - and then chase each other thoughout the house, when I am in deep slumber. I do tend to find them all, sound asleep, on top of me, or all around me, in the AM. I am a great big Warm Pillow to them

  46. Comment  by Jeff Arends

    I`d drop-kick that little cat

    • Comment  by Jennifer


  47. Comment  by Roz

    A cat’s instinct is to hunt by night and sleep during the day. If you want them to sleep at night you have to keep them busy during the day.

    I live on a farm and my cat is a working cat. Too many mice near the house and I get a Copperhead infestation. Lucille has her own door. She usually leaves around 9 pm and returns at 3 to 4 am. I’ve had to joy of waking up at 2 am as my Jack Russell, Claire, flew off the bed to chase the flying squirrel Lucille had brought in as a special present. Utter chaos ensued as dog chased squirrel over, under and around the bed while Lucille sat calmly in the doorway to block the exit. Cats are simply amazing predators. She caught this elusive nocturnal critter while encumbered with not one but two bird bells!

  48. Comment  by Paul Schlick

    As some have commented, it was the guy who was rolling around for most of the night–the cat hardly touched him until almost 6:00. I suspect that it was normally fed around that time and when the lazy slug wouldn’t get up, it then tried to get in his face. The poor thing was probably just hungry.

    • Comment  by Laurie

      the poor thing? What are you talking about? you have clearly never owned a cat or slept with another person. Humans wake up numerous times throughout the night as they go through the sleep cycle. Cats are even more restless. They nap, they don’t sleep for long periods of time like humans. around 6 am they start waking up and wanting to play or cuddle or eat. I let my cats sleep with me, but around 3 am I have to kick them out or they’ll start biting my feet and knocking my glasses and phone off the night stand.

  49. Comment  by Silvercat151

    Well that cat was obviously the inspiration for Simon’s cat - or had been watching it perhaps. It’s the bloke’s fault though, he should have kept still and stopped disturbing the cat!

    We have 5 …

  50. Comment  by bjw107

    That was great. The cat obviously loves the guy.

    • Comment  by Unclefred

      Yup. Lucky guy.

  51. Comment  by spydey

    The cat was active but did not really bug him til about five. SHE WAS HUNGRY!

  52. Comment  by brenda

    too salem sleeps on top of my back keeps me warm but when he starts kneeding in the middle of the night thats when i draw the line lol..

  53. Comment  by curious

    I’m wondering what that quick little flash was in the middle of the video just a little before 5:43. I don’t have the ability to look at it frame by frame, and I know it has nothing to do with the video, but I’d love to know what it was.

    • Comment  by Nothing Special

      I just rapidly paused and caught a glimpse of it. It’s just a clip from later in the morning that I am assuming is misplaced. It’s timed 8:07 if you cared.

  54. Comment  by G..

    It just wants out. It’s a nocturnal animal.

  55. Comment  by dinnylc

    Boy it looks like the kinda nites I have except add 3 more on top of that. It does get annoying though.

  56. Comment  by Vulpini

    I believe the guy was the one who was annoying the cat, not the other way around.

    • Comment  by maybird

      Actually. Vulpini, that is my interpretation as well. If the guy would at least be able to lie still for a while, that poor cat could finally get some sleep ..

  57. Comment  by epicwin


  58. Comment  by ALW

    Aww… Kitty just wants some lovin.

  59. Comment  by DebieT

    Now you know why they sleep all day long…LOL

  60. Comment  by Aidan

    My cats do that. It means they’re hungry and want you to feed them. You’ll notice even when the cat isn’t there he tosses and turns. He bothers the cat as much as the cat bothers him. :)

  61. Comment  by Skybrd

    Did anyone else notice that he was still thrashing even when the cat was laying still?

  62. Comment  by Cam

    lol, i love it when it just sits right on his back like “neerly moarning…yoo get up noaw?”

  63. Comment  by Romeosma

    Looks more like the guy is keeping the CAT awake! Flip, flip, flip! You can see that the cat is trying to calm him, even attempting to massage his neck a couple of times! Can’t a kitty get a good nights sleep?? Hee hee!

  64. Comment  by DGK

    I think he is lonely and needs someone to play with

  65. Comment  by TeAnne

    Just like my little brat. lol

  66. Comment  by alg

    funny, I thought he is bugging the cat. he moves soo much and that cat is trying to sleep.

  67. Comment  by AAA

    Yeah, the whole first half of the video is the guy tossing all over the place and the cat is trying to sleep.

  68. Comment  by Ginger

    I’m going to second a previous comment that the owner has sleep apnea, and the cat wanted to make sure he was alright.

  69. Comment  by kitteh

    my kitty does that tooooooo!!!!

  70. Comment  by jsweetburn

    I had a cat that would wake me up by sitting directly in front of my face and making the most annoying, yowling, high pitched scream like meow (that literally would last for about a minute) his name was squeek as in the sqeeky wheel gets the grease squeek. I would get up and feed him and he would leave me alone….*owned*

  71. Comment  by supersquish

    cats like to be outside, they can do anything they want. They usually don’t sleep at night, so you should leave him

  72. Comment  by Lacedaemeon

    I have two fat boy cats, but I sleep with my door locked. Cooper is a good sleeper but won’t give up the pillow. Brownie curls up under the covers next to me; but every 2 hours he sticks his cold nose into my ear, purring and drooling as loud as he can. He is also a very talented door opener, so I lock it. He’s out, too. I do love the little fat things even if they think I’m a ‘meanie-butt.’

  73. Comment  by maich


  74. Comment  by lishlee

    haha! My cat is like this too she always goes between annoying my boyfriend and I then my son who is a toddler. She often tries to snuggle him then startles him awake and scares him! Then sometimes she jumps on us.

  75. Comment  by libby

    should be retitled “man disrupts sleeping cat, time for revenge”

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