Bike Thief Gets Destroyed



A bike thief tries to get away with one of his robberies when he is surprised by a bunch of superheroes.

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  1. Comment  by Xaos

    These guys are heroes, point got across and no one was seriously hurt.

    • Comment  by reality is calling

      This is obviously a fictional video. The camera angles they got were planned long before time and took too many people to shoot from that many angles. It’s a “don’t steal” message. They even have a second part where they kidnap him. Watch it.

  2. Comment  by Anthony

    Reflectors.. Really?

  3. Comment  by arindian

    you know, one .45 ACP costs alot less than all the paintball gear they used

    • Comment  by Jackson S.

      You do know of something called disproportionate force, right? Just because a guy steals some bikes, you can’t riddle him with giant holes. Though, once he pulled the knife, you can do what you want.

      • Comment  by Ian

        only until, the knife?
        I mean really?
        shoot him (I assume it is a male) shoot him cause he is a thief! taking advantage of people.

        • Comment  by Joe

          and go to jail for shooting someone - smart!

      • Comment  by Joaquin

        If you look closer, they didn’t “riddle him with giant holes”. They shot him with a paintball gun. I think it’s more than fair.

        • Comment  by Thann

          That’s the point. They didn’t riddle him with holes. He’s talking about the guy that said a .45 is cheaper.

        • Comment  by Dude

          Learn to read. He was replying to the guy suggesting using a real gun.

        • Comment  by Berk

          Joaquin, he’s talking about using .45 ACP to punish a bike thief.
          Which, in my opinion, is goddamn ridiculous.
          Punishment is necessary, but not the risk of death. Ian, you’re a troll.

        • Comment  by dummy

          I think you took his comment out of context.

        • Comment  by Jake

          If you read closer, you can see he said “you can’t riddle him with giant holes.”

        • Comment  by John

          You realized that poster was responding to the gentleman who suggested to instead buy a real gun. He knows they were paintball guns. And I agree, until the knife there is no point to take a life.

  4. Comment  by Niels Prætorius

    But it looks kind of fake - if it ist, it’s vigilante of the best kind

    • Comment  by Ian

      and it does look a little fake. but a cool fake, if it is.

  5. Comment  by dah

    Fake the criminal was wearing padding

    • Comment  by Blerp

      Or winter clothing, your choice.

      • Comment  by Derpamin

        He has a point; it was snowing.

  6. Comment  by Andrew

    Vigilante justice is the best justice.

  7. Comment  by Ekaf


  8. Comment  by Spy

    That was awesome revenge taken on an unsuspecting douche bag.

  9. Comment  by The Think Tank

    the first video they showed looked real, but the rest of it looked fake as hell. and the “theif”? totally acting.

  10. Comment  by just sayin

    Looks fake? But the fact that hits me is the sprayed hand print. Look it up, made for T.V movie the brother hood of justice. That was the call sign.

  11. Comment  by pantyboom

    If it’s not fake the speed of the cops once they think guns are involved makes you think, if they where that quick when the thief stole the bike in the first place they wouldn’t need the “red hand.”

  12. Comment  by Anonymous TO THE MAX!

    Still cool whether it’s fake or not I would do the exact same thing (except for the weird hand print and probably I wouldn’t post the video cause its like saying “hey I’m a vigilante arrest me.)

  13. Comment  by anon

    They are lucky the guy didn’t have a handgun.

  14. Comment  by The Avenging Veterans

    In America, we use live ammo, and the thief is DIRT - Dead from Injuries Right There! Plus, if the thief survives, the small quantity of drugs in this 7 zone apex, guarantees 7 full FIVE year jail sentences, non-plea bargained by law!

  15. Comment  by jmac

    This is totally fake.

  16. Comment  by nayt

    Justice at its best.

  17. Comment  by this is good

    As much as I think this is awesome, its really too bad that thief could sure sue those guys if he ever found out who they were. Thief or not what those guys did is assault with a fire arm weapon.

    • Comment  by derp

      Paintball guns ARE NOT FIREARMS.

    • Comment  by johnny Hoe

      No firearms were used.

  18. Comment  by Matie

    The police would be brought up on charges if they used that kind of ‘excessive force’ on a bike thief. The reality is, you must physically engage them with the minimal force necessary to effect an arrest. If the bad guy pulls out a weapon, all bets are off. In this situation, the aggressors never gave the guy a chance to give up, they just attacked. Well, they could be the ones facing charges, if this were real. As for bike thefts, these property losses are rarely prosecuted in San Francisco anyway so why even bother?

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