Animal Crossing Sad Story



Very sad and touching story about a mother who suffered from Multiple Sclerosis. Since she couldn’t move too much, her son introduced her to Animal Crossing.

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  1. Comment  by giga

    wow….that almost made me cry

  2. Comment  by Tiger Nienstein

    Awe inspiring but sad.
    Just goes to show that gaming can connect people long after they are gone.
    People die, gaming continues, people make an impact on a game and memories last.

  3. Comment  by Quinn

    Actually, it might’ve been from the ingame mom.
    But screw that, amazing story anyways.

  4. Comment  by M N

    This is incredible.. absolutely incredible. When I play Gran Turismo and I race the highest paying event over and over just to accrue enough cash to buy the best car.. I die of boredom. For your mum to have stayed on the game for hours, days and months.. to buy different presents…. that is amazing. Just try and imagine her thoughts and the little warm feeling she felt inside as she bought each one.. suffering the boredom.. motivated by the thought of you finding them. Nearly crying.

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