Amazing Fire Trick



This is an incredible science trick with smoke and a flame. Try it at home.

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  1. Comment  by John

    that is the best lighter trick I have ever seen. Great work

  2. Comment  by Trick Busted

    There is not a single bit of trickery here, its fire science pure and simple. Smoke is a result of incomplete combustion, meaning its un-burnt material. All smoke needs to catch on fire, or to burn, is the proper amount of oxygen and an ignition source, in this case the lighter. The fire triangle as it’s called must be met, and once that is done, you have flame. In this trick as someone would like you to believe, the blown out candle produces smoke for a moment, which becomes thinner and cooler as it rises, then as you can see introduces and lowers the flame until the right parts of the fire triangle are met and bam, the flame will travel the source, meaning the smoke back to its origin, the wick.
    Still cool to see if you never have, but a trick its not.

    • Comment  by mehh

      i call shenanagins

      • Comment  by still a trick

        Just because you understand how something is done does not mean its not a trick. If that were the case there would be no “tricks” at all. trick as defined is this :A sly, dexterous, or ingenious procedure fitted to puzzle or amuse. This is a great trick

  3. Comment  by BigRoB

    That’s why forest fires are so dangerous. Until they are completly out and stop smoldering, like the candle, any lil flare-up can restart the fire.

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