8 Month Old Deaf Baby’s Reaction To Cochlear Implant Being Activated



This 8 month old baby was born deaf, watch the moment as his cochlear implant is activated and he hears sound for the first time, and his mother’s voice.

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  1. Comment  by From Sweden

    This was beautiful :)

    • Comment  by Brandy

      Brought tears to my eyes. So wonderful.

      • Comment  by dennis

        me too. wow, never thought something like this would effect me in that way. now that i have a child of my own. strange what parenthood does to you.

        • Comment  by Awesome

          Beautiful stuff

        • Comment  by Steve

          You can tell who the parents are that respond. If you have a heart, you can’t watch that without feeling something and most likely crying - even the tough guys.

          • Comment  by Nate

            I fully admit that I teared up a bit, tough guy or not, that’s moving.

          • Comment  by Lee-Ann

            I’m not a parent and my first thought was “That’s beautiful!”. And yes, my eyes are tearing as well as running over. :)

          • Comment  by scoop

            well put steve, well put indeed. love my two girls and basically his face showed it all.

          • Comment  by Sally

            I cried a bit and I’m not a parent. :) I don’t think you have to have kids to be moved by something like this!

          • Comment  by Chris

            I have a “heart” and did not cry or feel anything it isn’t really special this kind of thing happens on a regular basis

          • Comment  by Chris

            and the lil guy’s mind was completely blown

          • Comment  by Travis

            I agree with Chris, I didn’t feel anything. I thought it was kind of funny looking how that baby jerked his head like that but it’s not like a miracle was worked. Just some modern science.

          • Comment  by anonymoose

            I love how people who are parents think that they’re above anyone who doesn’t have children. You reproduced, congrats… You’re not special.

          • Comment  by letyourlifespeak

            Chris, modern science can be miraculous, too. No shame in it. It’s just a word. And curing congenital deafness is awesome. :)

          • Comment  by letyourlifespeak

            Annonymoose, so sorry you didn’t reproduce. Sour grapes? :}

          • Comment  by JAS

            I don’t think you must be a parent to get teary eyed at this. You assume those who don’t have kids don’t have a heart? This was beautiful and I - someone who didn’t have a child - cried also.

          • Comment  by anonomous

            as a parent, you can’t help but feel moved by this. there is no greater fear to a parent or expectant parent than to be told by a doctor that something is wrong with your child. it can be absolutely devastating to be given the news that your child has a crippling affliction. i can only imagine how these parents felt when told they’re baby was deaf and the elation they felt when that ear implant was first turned on.

            just a few years ago, deafness was a permanent disability. it’s amazing how far modern medicine has come in the last few years; some of the things we can do now were only a part of science fiction just a few decades ago. to those of you that claim that you weren’t moved by this, either you aren’t parents or you’re merely trolls looking to instigate a reaction.

          • Comment  by Lamia

            Yeah ok. I guess I don’t have a heart.

          • Comment  by Brian

            that’s a VERY ignorant statement you just made… i have no children yet I still shed a tear and truly felt a tingling inside, of happiness.

            and on your comment, I’ll say, “You can tell who the uneducated people that respond here are”.


          • Comment  by MRP

            I’m not even a parent and I teared up :) I’ve seen this a few times, I’m a Speech and Language Therapist… the parents’ reactions make it so worthwhile. Such a miracle :)

        • Comment  by joe

          Funny you say that. This stuff used to roll right off my back before I had a kid. Now it gets me every time.

          • Comment  by brodys momma

            It is amazing…..just imagine your little baby hearing your voice for the first time. If it was you it would be a miracle.

          • Comment  by Tint

            Chris and Travis, not a miracle? Not special? Tell that to someone who was born deaf and couldn’t hear a loved one, then had the miracle of hearing restored. Remember, you’re not above deafness. Appreciate your senses for the miracles they are.

        • Comment  by mamaleekie

          Yes, being a parent is the greatest gift. I well up watching this, seeing his face light up and smile. It makes us realize how lucky we are. :)

        • Comment  by Shaynezirra

          i totally feel you, im not a parent by blood, but met a single mother and fell in love and things like this effect me greatly now.

    • Comment  by werasd

      It wasn’t even funny.

      • Comment  by deb

        Wasn’t supposed to be funny!!

      • Comment  by shanamc

        Are you really that dumb??

      • Comment  by jumpin babby

        gotta love those lookin for humor :)

      • Comment  by Marian

        werasd Did you mean that is for real, not a joke….it’s great! I’ve heard others use that phrase meaning that was for real and good.


        • Comment  by Marian

          or werasd meant, it was so good it’s not even funny. Just thinking about it. I think they meant well.

        • Comment  by Stephanie

          If you would had read the above comments one guy said it was funny!

      • Comment  by gussington

        I hope you never procreate, because, if you do, you may find you have a child who is not perfect, who needs medical or special care, and you will leave it to others to deal with. It’s not supposed to be funny…

      • Comment  by taralynnlynn

        wasn’t ment to be funny you goone… not everthing on here is funny- wow…. it was amazing you heartless turd-muffin!

      • Comment  by anonymous

        yeah it’s funny because that baby is so clueless

        • Comment  by BMA

          You are really dumb… People like you are what is wrong with this world. It’s not funny, it’s amazing. You should never have children.

        • Comment  by pdz813

          That is exactly the right word…clueless! Except it describes YOU!

      • Comment  by anonymous

        this is a troll guys. they look for reactions. your giving them lulz

    • Comment  by oups

      so sweety for a girl without heart Tara and who’s only thinking to herself it’s astonished

    • Comment  by dfs


    • Comment  by Jay

      that was so beautiful
      my eyes are liquid

    • Comment  by Mary

      How did she keep from crying? I didn’t!

    • Comment  by pauline

      What a beautiful video of the relationship between this mother and her baby.

      I’m not entirely convinced he is reacting to her voice though. It’s clear he reacted with mild shock to the switch on and looked to mum for reassurance. It is also very clear that she has a brilliant relationship with him - eye contact and facial communication and he may well be reacting in his usual way to that. I can get the same response from strangers babies with facial expression & visual communication. It might have been more convincing if someone else had been holding him and she was speaking to him from a different part of the room - if he turned to look at her and reacted in same way.

      She looks like the kind of mother who cares about communication - I assume she will want to support all aspects of her child’s communication development & access, including sign language.

      For my part I have no objection to CI procedures on consenting adults. I am less sure about babies and children.. I can understand that hearing parents may want their child to be “normal” but concerned that the child may then grow up feeling that they are not accepted or validated as they are and that they have to conform to conditions of worth imposed on them by others. The underlying message that a deaf person is inferior to a hearing person can lead to confusion and emotional splitting on transition from childhood to adolescence and adulthood.

      Deaf children who are surrounded by love and support and have full access to Sign Language & good schooling are as confident and capable of reaching their full potential as any other child. Unfortunately, society is not structured in a way that allows Deaf people to participate equally. Until these barriers are removed deafness will continue to be seen in a negative light as a condition to be cured or endured.

      • Comment  by Clay

        Regardless of whether or not deafness has a negative connotation, being deaf IS a handicap in today’s world. AND maybe that baby’s mother wanted her child to be able to experience something that is SO amazing, being able to hear sounds (esp since the process carried minimal risk). I have a daughter and I can’t imagine what it would be like to give my child something so incredible and seeing her reaction. AMAZING video. Totally made my day.

        • Comment  by Sue


        • Comment  by Kaitlyn

          Being Deaf is no more a a handicap as only speaking Spanish is, in fact, it is less so because Deaf people can read and write English. Deaf people can drive as well as any hearing person (in fact, statistically, they are better drivers, because of fewer distractions and more concentration) While I fully support this mother’s decision to give her son a CI, Incorporating ASL into his development would be helpful because CI do not deliver the same sound quality are a typical ear. Deaf children need to be raised in a slightly different style to incorporate more signing an facial expressions, but otherwise they are typically developing.

      • Comment  by Jason

        Well said Pauline. This child or any child for that matter, that has a CI will, unfortunately, not be fully accepted in the hearing community, or fully accepted in the deaf community.

        • Comment  by Zero

          You’ve got to be kidding me. He won’t be accepted because he was deaf and now can hear? That doesn’t make any sense.

      • Comment  by Joe

        I’m glad someone finally said that. I’m sick of the discrimination against the Deaf community. If I were the parent of a Deaf child I doubt I would want my infant to have major surgery to get a CI.

      • Comment  by Brooke

        There was a man talking in the background and the baby didn’t even respond to his voice. The baby obviously was responding to his mother’s voice…you can tell because of the smile that babies only give their mothers and from the fact that he let his pacifier fall out of his mouth (in case you didn’t know, babies use these for comfort when nothing else can soothe them). I know because I have two children and the look at me differently than they do others. You as a stranger could not get that same reaction from that little boy or any other child in that situation. Enjoy the simplicity of it. Stop over analyzing!

      • Comment  by regulator

        @ pauline
        I was born deaf due to a cochlear infection, and thanks to the medical advancements at the time i was almost completely cured by the age of 5. I can not express enough how much those 5 years of silence impacted on my life. Sure, most hearing impaired people grow up to become stable adults, it is a common human habit to eventually accept and breed happiness from almost any situation they are put in. To say this baby will not be heavily impacted by their disability is plain wrong. Pseudo-science is one of the more subtle dangers on the net, know what are you talking about before you spread it.

        • Comment  by maz

          Well said regulator, but i think everyone is forgetting what the intention of this video is. Sound is the first thing that a baby in the womb is exposed to, it is a VERY IMPORTANT part of a baby’s early upbringing. It is a beautiful thing to see the world opening up a bit more for this child.

        • Comment  by MRP

          Thank you regulator. Pauline you seem to have a very limited knowledge base on this subject and the educated community (i.e. those of us with hearing impairments, or Speech and Language Therapists like me) would appreciate it if you kept your opinions to yourself.

          You say that you get the same reaction from strangers’ babies with facial expressions… tell me this, is it a meaningful interaction, with turn taking through babbling, words, tone of voice or do you just make stupid faces at the child until they turn away?
          As for your idea about only giving consenting adults CI procedures, you obviously have no idea about the critical stages of language development.
          Regarding the mother accessing sign language classess and other communication aids; this will happen regardless of whether he had the CI or not. I specialise in early intervention with children who have had cochlear implants, and we teach signs as well as speech from the very beginning. It is not, and never has been, a case of one or the other.

          Way to buzz kill on this family’s most special moment.

    • Comment  by JAB

      The baby’s smile was amazing!

    • Comment  by jackirish

      TRULY AMAZING AND HEARTWARMING!!! Can you imagine the pure joy and wonder in that baby’s heart and mind as he heard his mothers voice for the first time. As for all the negative comments from the cowards and losers…turn off your computer and venture outside and interact with humanity. There is a world out there filled with warm sunshine and beautiful people. Or maybe it is better that you stay in your dark little den and let the fungus grow on your fresh air and warm sunlight deprived shells of former selfs. If that beautiful babies smile and bright eyes cant get through to you, than just continue to exist, instead of living and loving life and being grateful for all that you have. That’s all.

      • Comment  by luna

        Well, i don’t think an 8-month old deaf baby actually would understand that what he was “hearing” was his mother’s voice. his reaction is most likely a reaction to the feeling of the implant being turned on.

        when mine was turned on, it tickled a lot and sounded really weird. whatever ANYBODY hears at switch-on doesn’t sound normal AT ALL.

      • Comment  by Brooke

        Beautifully put!

    • Comment  by SdF

      I was born hearing When I was 40 I lost my hearing due to an accident. That was in 2003. February 2010 I chose the Cochlear Implant. Hearing - again OR for the first time- brings a smile!

      • Comment  by Cheire of Illinois

        I’m so glad you got your hearing back! It’s amazing, isn’t it, how much you can miss something when it’s gone.

        Oh, and I didn’t cry when I saw this video, but the look on the little guy’s face made me laugh. It was like he was saying, ‘Wow, Mom! Neat trick, making sounds with your mouth like that!’
        And he cooed - and heard himself!
        :D That’s an all-day smile for me.

    • Comment  by michael cowart

      I almost teared up… Wow

  2. Comment  by jed

    I second that!

  3. Comment  by from north western ontario

    so amazing…beautiful!

  4. Comment  by susan


  5. Comment  by Stephanie

    I’m seriously crying, just so wonderful!

    • Comment  by kel751

      i am crying too!! this is a wonderful sight

  6. Comment  by retro

    tears. this is great.

  7. Comment  by bish

    amazing :)

  8. Comment  by dhruv

    beautiful… :) this video made my day :) :) :)

  9. Comment  by april

    whew, that’s awesome!!! :) a great thing to see as I start my day!

  10. Comment  by Marlee

    unbelievable…..just so nice…

  11. Comment  by Acrobat

    utterly amazing and adorable

  12. Comment  by zbone

    that just made my day

  13. Comment  by Sam


  14. Comment  by Ron

    That was the most pleasing thing i’ve ever seen in my life

  15. Comment  by jackie

    OMG this was awesome! I loved the part where he just dropped the pacifier out of his mouth, that was so funny he was like “….wait a minute, something’s different here”

  16. Comment  by Caitlyn321


  17. Comment  by spoiled

    I thought I was having a bad day. I need to stop complaining and start counting my blessings.

    • Comment  by eye


  18. Comment  by Rita

    omg…this is amazing…one of the teachers at my school was talking about this today…how great for that mother to finally see her child’s reaction when he hears her voice…WOW…

  19. Comment  by pfffff

    sooo fake.

    • Comment  by vjsharp

      you need to seriously get a life…

    • Comment  by BLESSED


      • Comment  by momalot

        How do you have a name like Blessed and tell someone to rot?

        • Comment  by anon

          haha, right?!

        • Comment  by Cheire of Illinois

          Good point, but let’s all chill out, here.

    • Comment  by jdf025

      troll much?

    • Comment  by Kelly

      How do you figure its fake???

    • Comment  by Toreador

      Everyone has the right to be dumb pfffff, but you are abusing that right

    • Comment  by pje

      you obviously have never been around hearing impaired people

      • Comment  by ppl

        With respect, the preferred term is deaf or hard of hearing, which accepts a person as they are rather than measuring & labelling them by perceived norms. I find this baby’s reaction quite beautiful and amazing and will share online with my Deaf friends.

        • Comment  by candice

          “friends who are deaf.” person first before disability. ;)

          • Comment  by luna

            i identify myself as a Deaf person.

    • Comment  by jc's mom

      hey pffff…this is NOT fake my son had CI’s implanted over a month ago and this is more REAL than anything you will ever witness

      • Comment  by define: troll

        there should be a mandatory page you have to read before you start using the internet with all of the definitions of internets, because people who just wander onto the internet get their feelings hurt too easily. Troll= the jokes
        You: I’m doing a research paper on planet Earth.
        Me: oh, well start off by saying that there is no gravity on Earth.
        Me: lol

        The fact that you recognize the statement “there is no gravity” is the joke.

        Solution: when somebody says “sooo fake” on a video where it obviously isn’t and its meaningful to you, ignore them. They aren’t looking to argue with you about how real your son’s Cochlear Implants are. They’re trying to get a rise out of you. Did you guys go to elementary school?

        • Comment  by bearfishin22

          troll: what the hell are you talking about?

        • Comment  by Marie

          alas, the trolling generation is not this video’s target audience. we who understand a good troll are few and far between on this page.

        • Comment  by Lauren F.

          define: troll is just trying to say that people love to abuse the anonymity of the internet to rattle people’s chains. When someone says something completely absurd, just let it go.

    • Comment  by pastrychef

      How could that be fake?!!!!

  20. Comment  by Crypt

    I thought I was immune to sentimentality.
    This makes me genuinely happy to see.

    • Comment  by David / Nemba

      There is a HUGE difference between genuine emotion and sentimentality. Sentimentality is all about the reaction gotten from whoever sees it, there is no substance. But if something like that is for it’s own sake, with no agenda, then it can be very powerful. Like this great video, haha.

      • Comment  by Rincewind

        Was there any need to analyze it?!?

        • Comment  by Meeeeeuuuuuu

          lol there will ALWAYS be analyzing. people process things differently. But I’m with you. Just enjoy it! :)

  21. Comment  by beaker331

    Nice yes, Great for the parents, yes and a nice TOOL for the child, but he’s still deaf! He needs to have another mode of communication other than this CI. Hopefully the parents learn ASL as well. Night time, swimming, dead batteries, emergencies…he’ll still be deaf. And there’s nothing ‘broken’ about this boy–before or after his CI.

    • Comment  by Matimal

      I totally agree with you. You came on a bit aggressive though. You commented as though you just somehow knew that these parents would neglect his hearing impairment entirely now that they have access to this miracle tech. Sorry, just had to say it.

      As for the video: That is quite possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever bore witness to in my entire life.

      • Comment  by Catholicbygrace7

        That’s because “the deaf community” is anti-hearing. He wouldn’t use the term “hearing impaired” (which is the proper term) because he wants this boy to be seen as “deaf” not “hard of hearing”. That way he can be a part of their “community”. As someone who is hard of hearing and not ‘deaf”, the child wont be accepted by the so-called “deaf community”. My how they LOVE to shun those who have a bit of hearing capabilities!

        • Comment  by SoCalJoe

          You are a sad sad person

          • Comment  by MomOfFive

            I know that is really sad to hear, but in many cases it is true. My nephew was born 100% deaf and only had the opportunity to get a double cochlear implant when he was six. It has changed his life in a wonderful way. However, the “deaf community” as it has been put, was very negative toward him during and after his procedure. It was disheartening to see it happen. They didn’t want to have anything to do with him and saw him almost as a traitor. No kid should have to go through that. No parent either. They were only doing what they thought was best for their child.

            And yes, because I have experienced this first hand with my nephew, this video brought back memories and tears.

        • Comment  by soo....

          who the hell cares if deaf people are shunning you?
          what would they do? give you the silent treatment ;)
          but seriously that’s like someone in the minor league is being shunned by that little-league team.
          is there some cool club that i’m not aware of or invited to because i have the discomfort of listening to Lady Gaga every God forsaken time i turn on the radio?

          • Comment  by Tee

            soo….You are a moron! But seriously…your winking smiley you used as emphasis to your poor sense of humor, is not only passive aggressive, and not cute, but your statement shows your insecurity and ignorance.

            There are a lot of people out there that live with, work with, respect and love people in the Deaf population on a daily basis.
            “who the hell cares if deaf people are shunning you?”
            I do! watch your karma buddy…you just may be part of the population that turns out to need a hearing aid as you get older. And guess what? a CI is not going to fix your hearing loss if you do…it is not hearing, it provides a “sense” of sound to Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

            What brought you all to tears the baby’s smile at hearing his mother’s voice…what that baby heard was NOT his Mother’s voice. With a CI you don’t “hear” voice. What you get a sense of is a series of clicks, buzzes, scratchiness. It is not A “CURE” for Deafness or hearing impairment, it is a prosthetic substitute for hearing.

          • Comment  by passerby

            What the hell? What “minor league”? And “little league” — do you seriously think of Deaf people that way, as some sort of “little league” of people? What? Because they’re childish? Or unimportant? Because you’re superior to them? Being shunned by a Deaf person is precisely as important as being shunned by anybody else. Maybe it doesn’t matter if their reasons are crappy. But I’ll tell you right now that I am seeing a lot of reasons to shun *you* personally and they have nothing to do with whether I’m Deaf or not.

          • Comment  by anon

            silent treatment….hahaha not PC, but funny. good point about being who you are and not giving a damn what others think. But, it’s still bad for the kid who had friends, then got hearing and lost all his friends. The moral is…really sweet video and people sometimes are just mean…

        • Comment  by anonymous

          Totally agree….I grew up in hearing world but struggled to “belong” to deaf world and they said I was mind hearing since no deaf culture and can speak and hear VERY LITTLE…. Stuck on fence between both worlds.Not deaf and not hearing. Just stuck in middle… CI’s are totally a TOOL and there is 50 percent chance it will work or no hearing at all. The child will struggle to be “normal” and feel left out because of the CI. Just my observation and opinion.

    • Comment  by Sam

      I completely agree with beaker331; deaf people are not ‘broken’, they don’t need ‘fixing’ and if you’re going to fit a CI, make sure you do it early, like with this child, otherwise it will just make their life a misery.
      Beautiful video, though!

      • Comment  by Nestor

        By any definition a non functioning sensory organ is “broken”, no one used that word before you did though so any connotations you bring with it are your own baggage.

      • Comment  by equalizer

        You are ignorant. Just because people can go on to lead normal lives while being deaf doesn’t mean for a second that their hearing isn’t broken. There is no reason (other than cost, which yes you can go further and say “well if my best friend can’t afford to hear then i don’t want to” which is fine and dandy, but when this becomes cheaper there isn’t any excuse) that somebody who is deaf shouldn’t get this. I’m not the most educated on being deaf, but it’s pretty straight forward. Let me tell you a similar story and you can think of it that way. One day i was wheeling along in my chair and i overheard a man’s radio broadcasting “a new invention has been sweeping the nation! Those who can’t walk a.k.a. their legs are BROKEN/DON’T WORK/DISABLED can now ascend a single staircase with a well applied push. The incline plane!! Now although this contraption is a bit pricey, we feel it’s a great step towards all of humanity being unified as one and not persecuted for something they can’t control.” When i heard that..i about lost it. Me and my gang “Rollin seats” set out on a campaign to shun every other wheeler who used those contraptions. One day i had enough and went right flat to someone who was attempting to roll up one of those ramps and said “hey you what do you think we’re doing?” “I was going to send this package to my grandmother” “Well why are you using one of those ramps that the normals want us to use?” “well i used to have to wait for somebody to walk in the P.O. and they’d have to tell the Post master to walk out here, grab my package, take it inside, inspect it, price it, come back outside, tell me the price and then I’d pay. Now i can do it myself. Now while the post master had no problem helping me, i just figured it’s easier this way. Unfortunately this world isn’t defaulted for somebody with a disability or else it wouldn’t be a disability in the first place. but it is only fair we accept the fact they are trying to help us have an easier life.”
        “Well we’re going to roll youright now for that slander, so what are you going to do about that?” “Go up this ramp” “CURSE YOU TRAITOR!!!”

        • Comment  by passerby

          Wow, this is not a good comparison at all. Deaf people have a means of communication that is not disabling at all within their culture. A lot of Deaf people don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t interact mostly within that culture. I won’t speak to the reasons because I’m not Deaf, but I can see some reasons why I personally might do such a thing if I were: why deal with wider society’s stereotypes, ableist demands, and not-getting-it if you don’t have to? A better analogy (though not perfect) would be using a post office with a ramp when you could use another one with a level entrance. A more relevant analogy would probably be some varieties of autistic-spectrum disorder, where a lot of folks don’t feel the need to try to act or be neurotypical. None of it’s perfect because nothing is exactly the same as anything else. But your analogy is particularly off.

    • Comment  by Angela

      Noone said anything was broken. But if there is a breakthrough that will help a child, why not do it? I’m sure the parents will be teaching sign language, after all, a doctor is assisting them. I have a child with autism and I’ve tried numerous things to make my child’s life easier. He’s not broken and I know this, he just needs a little help.

      • Comment  by Steve

        Angela — Google Dr. Mark Hyman. He practices in Lenox, MA. He works with autistic children and has incredible success in helping them.

      • Comment  by Lola

        sadly, most doctors don’t encourage sign language. apparently hearing babies are allowed to learn “baby sign” to encourage development and communication, but when babies are deaf… sign language is a crutch!!

      • Comment  by Nancy

        I agree Angela, and GOD bless you and all your loved ones…

    • Comment  by youdon'tknow

      CI are not forms of communication. His parents most likely wish for him to become “Oral Deaf”. Read before you talk.

  22. Comment  by PS

    beautiful :)

  23. Comment  by Nonna


  24. Comment  by vjsharp

    that comment was solely meant for pffff

  25. Comment  by Dee

    this video really makes you appreciate all the hard work that goes into medical research………to make a miracle happen for that baby and his parents is absolutely heart warming =)

  26. Comment  by Faeryn

    That was so Beautiful!!!

  27. Comment  by apathetic father

    “You got that, Dad, right?”

    “nhhh Hhhhhhh…”

    • Comment  by apathetic mother

      “…and now he’s back on again. See how he turns?”

      “oh hey jonathon”

  28. Comment  by tcc

    yes breaker331, he is still deaf, but has an option too. a person with no legs get artificial limbs is still an amputee, still has to learn to live without the limbs at some point, but can experience life walking upright. I too hope he and his parents learn sign language.

    • Comment  by FFM

      More people in general should learn sign language so that we can communicate with everyone. I think the joy on that infants face is apparent, and beautiful. I have met and interacted with/have friends who are deaf, blind or have other disabilities and never felt I was not accepted by any of them. Making broad generalizations about any group of I have found creates labels from which negative stereotypes form to create “Us” and “Them”.

      • Comment  by justagirl

        Depending on where you go or what Deaf you may find you can see a vast difference in their acceptance of hearing people. Just like communities accepting one thing or another, it will vary on how they are raised. I happened to marry a deaf man and the deaf community here has accepted me graciously, but if we happened to move to a more strict Deaf community my husband and I would probably both be shunned because he married a hearing person. But I agree that it would be nice for more people to learn ASL just to make things easier. Even if it’s just the alphabet to spell necessary communications.

  29. Comment  by Wendy Symonds

    wow .. this made tears come to my eyes… what a miraculous thing… I’m sooo happy for Jonathan and his parents!!!

  30. Comment  by Laurie

    Brought tears to my eyes!!

  31. Comment  by ninja

    nothing like the real voice to a deaf child and that too his mothers. amazing the facial expressions say it all.

  32. Comment  by bliitz

    this is amazing..goes to show just how awesome technology really is & the good it can do.

  33. Comment  by Stumbler

    wow…that was very touching.
    stumbled, btw.

  34. Comment  by Rob

    That was AMAZING!! So beautiful!

  35. Comment  by Nancy

    Seriously crying too! Thank God for the gift of medical research and technology!

    • Comment  by Boo Radley

      No, thank the mere mortals who worked hard in school and university, and then fought for the funding to research this stuff and make it possible.

      • Comment  by frank

        thank god for the gift of birth defects and impairments?

      • Comment  by Mamas

        Thank God that those people had that option!

        • Comment  by kss

          Again this isn’t something we’re allowed to do. This is something we work towards after studying defects in the human anatomy. And yes, being blind and deaf is a defect, also known as imperfection, and if you wanna be a dumb you can call it something that is broken. The human body is made to function one way ( i know we’re all special and everybody lives on their own little clouds made of fairy dust). Even if somebody is happy being deaf, it doesn’t mean a part of their body is broken. I’m happy smoking a pack a day, doesn’t mean it’s right.

    • Comment  by Atheist

      Isn’t your god the one who made him deaf to begin with? Hmmmmmmmmm. Interesting.

      • Comment  by PRAY24/7

        Yes, so we can witness this miracle. And this child will have an amazing testimony when he gets older. My brother has had TS since he was born. I don’t blame God for letting him have it, I thank Him for the process of healing he is going through. It has strengthened my relationship with God when I have Him to lean on during this time.

        • Comment  by Jewelz

          People like you should not be allowed to have children. You’re thanking an imaginary sky-fairy for something bad because it strengthens your imaginary relationship with said sky-fairy? That’s like marrying your abusive boyfriend.

          Hopefully this child’s parents are smart enough to thank medicine and he’ll grow up rational and not like yourself. Maybe he’ll even contribute something to the research community, and actually help other people for the right reasons, instead of wasting his time with religion.

      • Comment  by Lisa

        @ atheist: I recognize your mocking tone, but you seem to be blaming a God in whom you profess (by your name) not to believe. If you are truly an “atheist,” then you should be content to let Frank thank his God for whatever gift makes him feel grateful enough to do so, and not mock his remarks or his faith.

        I do not believe that God MADE this child deaf, He simply allowed it. God only gives good gifts to His children, as any good father would do. If we never had health problems (a side-effect of a fallen world), then it would never be necessary for Him to give us the gift of healing. Without trials and challenges, there would also be no need for faith, and what a sad, boring place this would be!

        That man has come from using stone tools to restoring some form of hearing in a deaf person is a miracle in itself, and yes, I believe that while the ingenuity comes from man, the ability to learn and advance in skills is a also a gift from God.
        By the way, are all atheists out to make sure NO ONE believes in God just like they don’t? That sounds so backward…

        • Comment  by Jewelz

          There is no such thing as a miracle. There are things that are either a) explainable but very, very unlikely or b) as of yet unexplainable. The latter are the things that drive science forward.

          I wish there were no need for faith. This world would be much better off.

  36. Comment  by brittany

    omg that almost made me cry. soo beautiful! =D

  37. Comment  by Karen

    Love this! I only wish the first words he heard were “I love you” at least soon after she said hi.

    • Comment  by dkk


  38. Comment  by mamac

    It seems aa though now a days there are always people who turn positive into negative!! Keep your hateful comments to yourself and let everyone enjoy someone so special. There’s enough hatred going on already!!!

    • Comment  by dmp

      I so agree with you! In the midst of all the crap going on throughout the world, this was simply beautiful. It made my day. Ignore all the negative voices; they are just sad.

  39. Comment  by lori

    i am hearing impaired, nerve deafness. i really enjoyed seeing this. we have come along way!!

  40. Comment  by troll


    • Comment  by teacherlady

      Your name says it all. In what way could this POSSIBLY be “shopped”?!

      • Comment  by why

        If the name said it all why was there a need for a response?

    • Comment  by Gru

      Hey Troll your words make no sense!!!

  41. Comment  by PerSk

    Science and technology truly is the poetry of the real world. Amazing to see the joy and surprise in Johnathan’s face when he hears his mother for the very first time.

  42. Comment  by amber

    I as someone that wears hearing aids knows what it is like to all the sudden be able to hear. It is an amazing thing!!! So beautiful! love this video. Thanks for sharing

  43. Comment  by Starainatu

    So precious. Thank the Lord for technology ! Sometimes it does make life even more awesome than it already is !

    • Comment  by hithere

      Thank the lord or the teams of scientists/engineers/doctors who actually made that happen :P

      • Comment  by Mamas

        and thank God for their opportunity to study and grow up to help that beautiful child.

        • Comment  by Atheist

          Thank god for making this child deaf too?

          • Comment  by BMA

            Yes you CAN thank God for that too…. it’s through these wonderful people we learn to appreciate what we have. They teach us so much. YES I thank God for these people who in spite of their disabilities show great strength and integrity that the rest of us take for granted every day. BTW, before you get on your high horse I have 1 son who has learning disabilities and my youngest little baby has Down Syndrome and they are both a joy and a blessing. How empty you must be to not feel joy for this family and for this child, whether you believe in a higher power or not. You are to be pitied.

        • Comment  by Jewelz

          I hope you don’t have children.

  44. Comment  by Holly

    Thank you SO much for sharing this wonderful moment! It truly brought tears to my eyes! That was so beautiful! How wonderful for mom and son both! :) Congratulations!!!!! :)

  45. Comment  by Del Monte Man

    I’ve seen better videos.

    • Comment  by Aladante

      Doesn’t that make you special…

    • Comment  by Carwashman

      Yes, we all probably have seen other videos we would say are “better”. It wasn’t meant to be submitted for an Oscar or Grammy. It was to show how wonderful the first sounds can be to anyone - especially a deaf child. I’m sure someone could look at you and say they have seen a better looking person, a smarter person, a more sensitive person, etc. Get the message you jerk!

    • Comment  by Elle

      Who cares if you’ve seen better videos or not?

  46. Comment  by Alachuaguy

    That was wonderful and amazing!

  47. Comment  by foxtail91

    That was awesome and beautiful to see! We’ve really come a long way!

    And for everyone, just ignore the trolls on here.

  48. Comment  by 2moonpress

    This is a great video. It is a real shame there are a few yahoo’s here that do not understand the significance of what this little boy is experiencing.

  49. Comment  by Demmpsee

    I had a very similar reaction when my wife’s breast implants were activated for the first time.

    • Comment  by Amonte


  50. Comment  by magke

    The child just heard the sweetest sound ever the sound of his MOTHER. What would I give to hear my again!!!!

  51. Comment  by abx

    really not amazing, i wasn’t even sure if the baby could hear. Also tbh the baby is presumably only very dimly aware of what he’s experiencing

    • Comment  by michelle

      Just because he’s a baby, doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand. He is experiencing something different for the first time, of course he’s aware. He may not know exactly what “hearing” is, but now he will.

  52. Comment  by hector

    so nice!!!!!

  53. Comment  by Drake Steele

    I agree that there is nothing “broken” with the kid… BUT you miss the point… there is something MISSING that they gave back to that child with that cochlear implant… And that smile does indeed say it all… Hearing his mother’s voice made that boy one happy baby.

    I understand and know some deaf people that had to work hard to make it and leaned their way around the difficulties inherent in missing that method of communication, and some tend to get a little gung-ho in their declaration that there’s nothing WRONG with being deaf. Sure there isn’t. But there is something RIGHT about being given that ability and enabling someone to use and enjoy a sense that we evolved to use and is a part of our body, and our minds are BUILT to use… It’s a wonderful thing. A miracle of science and medicine. And I can’t wait til they can help me - I *am* broken. I have veins in my leg that don’t have any valves, letting it fill with fluid and letting that affect every part of my life. I can’t wait for more implant and prosthetic technology to be able to save me.

    Anyway. I’m just really happy for that boy and his parents that he can now enjoy two way vocal communication, and music and other things aa nature designed human beings to do.

    • Comment  by Anna

      I agree with Drake Steele. There is nothing wrong with technology that tries to emmulate a missing element in the body. In this case it’s part of the hearing system and, where appropriate, these technologies should be grasped with both hands as there’s no point in allowing a deaf child to live in silence if there’s a way of ameliorating this. After all, you wouldn’t deny a person born without a leg the chance of a false leg so they can be independent.

      • Comment  by luna

        it’s not about being able to hear… it is about being able to communicate and acquire language. sign language allows deaf babies to do this. learning to hear, speak and lipread is required before anyone can access spoken language (which is very difficult and by the time they reach adequacy, their potential for language acqusition has diminished with age).

        i think a lot of people fail to see the importance of visual language, and give it the proper respect. American Sign Language is an advanced language with its own grammar and syntax, and is separate from English.

  54. Comment  by Chafik

    Made me cry… and I don’t cry a lot !

  55. Comment  by Phil E. Drifter

    She should thank god for creating a deaf baby which took tens of thousands of dollars to fix (regardless of if she paid for it or her state did, it costs at least $12,000 for cochlear implant procedures.)

    • Comment  by Mamas

      are you saying that that child’s hearing isn’t worth 12,000$’s? or maybe your saying that the mother has no right to give birth? or are you saying that because that child couldn’t hear from the moment of birth he was in some way less than a child that could? you are a sad sad person.

      • Comment  by Aladante

        No, he is an Atheist who is saying if there really was a God, then no bad things would happen to anyone. Therefore there is no God…What is sad about this is that after seeing such a beautiful thing happen in front of your eyes like this video, this person feels the need to preach his beliefs instead of just tearing up and feeling the love.

        • Comment  by bigsdiddy

          Or we could thank SCIENCE!

        • Comment  by Carwashman

          We’ll all pray for you - and you will too at some point in your empty life. One day the blind will see!

        • Comment  by PRAY24/7

          If nothing bad ever happened in the world, then there would be no need for a God. Sometimes God allows bad things to happen so a greater thing can happen because of it. My youth pastor’s son died at infancy before he came to my church. He blamed God for a while, but when He called out to God he felt so much better. He then came o my church (where he never would have come if his son hadn’t died) and made such a big impact. He has helped people through really rough times and he has actually stopped people from suicide and helped them through that.

  56. Comment  by Linda

    I am so happy for that family. We are waiting for a miracle in our family, too. My son has Type 1 Diabetes. We are waiting and praying for a cure. Thank you God!

  57. Comment  by Todd

    Wouldn’t Christians (at least extreme Christians) argue how evil this is?

    • Comment  by Angela

      No. That smile was given by God.

      • Comment  by Ykks

        Actually no, by the child.

    • Comment  by Catholicbygrace7

      No, Todd, they wouldn’t. Remember Jesus healing the blind man? The people wanted to know what sin had caused his blindness but Jesus said,(John 9:3)”Neither this man nor his parents sinned…but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.(NIV)”

      • Comment  by Nother

        It’s really important to point out the myriad of interpretations of the bible practiced. He’s speaking of extremists. A bit like islamists.

      • Comment  by star eyed

        and this is also why children are brutally murdered? So that the parents learn something from their god?

        • Comment  by BMA

          While this comment is uncalled for the absolute brutal honest answer is: Yes. For those that believe in God, even when something as horrific as a child being brutally murdered, we trust in him for reasons we do not feel we have the right to question. And let me ask you this… what is so wrong about believing in something bigger than yourself? What is so wrong in believing in miracles? What is so wrong in loving others unconditionally and not perpetuating hate? What is so wrong in trying everyday to be a better person? And just if God does exist, what was so wrong in believing in him…. and just being happy for the miracle of the doctors hard work and knowledge in helping this family and child? It takes a very sad and empty person to carry such antipathy and hate… very sad indeed… This was a miracle.

          • Comment  by Ugggggggggh

            Please, shut it, Bible Thumpers. You make all things about your faith and your brand of magical sky deity. Faith should be private. Muslims are never in my face about Allah, Jews are never shoving G*D down my throat, Buddhists are never on the news wigging that The Buddha hates gays, and Hindus aren’t crying that the Shiva isn’t on the courthouse lawn. So, Christians everywhere: SHUT THE CHRIST UP! No one wants your Tuesday morning prophet on a soapbox ramblings. Can It! And we can all just have our own beliefs without EVERYTHING having to be about YOUR religion.

          • Comment  by cristina

            Actually, you are wrong, BMA. Children are not murdered so that people can learn something from God. Children are murdered because we as a people demanded free will. People generally demand free will and then complain when they get it. Free will is what caused someone to murder a child, and if God were to stop it, He would be taking away that free will. God is love, God is all good, He would not under any circumstances cause someone to be murdered. Maybe it was just a mis-wording, but it scares me that anyone would think that God would cause someone (especially a child) to be murdered. On the other hand, God does work everything into His plan, so in the end, some good will come out of it, even if the circumstance is as bad as a child being murdered, because that is what God does. Thus ends my preaching for the day ^_^

    • Comment  by Lee

      I can’t even fathom the logic that would lead you to conclude that.

      • Comment  by Fred Evil

        Don’t forget, some extremist Xtians forbid ANY medical aid, believing that if god meant for the person to be healthy, he will provide (ignoring the DOCTOR that god has placed them before).

        Kind of out of place, but accurate.

        • Comment  by FredFan

          If God wants him healed, then Jesus will heal him. How dare the doctor presume to do it.

    • Comment  by Evil

      how many babies die from this operation, where was God then?

  58. Comment  by Christian

    Todd, you sir are a dumb…

  59. Comment  by Realist

    Why do reality confused people always pin the credit on their imaginary gods?
    Thank the very real research and development team that made this possible.
    Religion does three things quite effectively: Divides people, Controls people, Deludes people.

    • Comment  by Truth Teller

      It’s so sad that there are people as naieve as you! God is the reason anything is possible. Take your athiest crap and shove it!

      • Comment  by Dingbat

        You’re right Truth Teller, God is the reason for his being deaf too. DUH

        • Comment  by Cassie

          No, sin is the reason for his being deaf. DUH. Thanks to God, we have developed the technological means to overcome some of the effects of that sin.

          • Comment  by Mamas

            (John 9:3)”Neither this man nor his parents sinned…but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.(NIV)”

            Genetics and years of polluting our bodies and our environment made that child deaf, centuries of us distorting our world. Free will can really blow, but then again would you have it any other way?

            This is not the place for any of this, this child is beautiful and the look of pure joy on his face at hearing his mother was amazing.

      • Comment  by bopalo

        @Truth Teller -
        I hate to be that guy, but
        and, most importantly
        I wonder if the ignorance required to have faith in a god (in your case, my guess is Judeo-Christian?) is the same reason you lack both fluency in your native language and the ability to recognize the hypocrisy of your “shove it!” in the context of your professed beliefs.
        That having been said; babies are beautiful, and this one made me cry (a little bit like a baby, even).

      • Comment  by Athiest

        How Christian of you, Truth Teller. Telling us to shove it. Aren’t you supposed to be understanding and forgiving of us poor misguided souls? Tsk tsk tsk.

        • Comment  by Lisa

          @ Atheist: How typical of your fishing technique… bait, goad, then play the goodie-two-shoes and lob accusations at anyone who tires of your game. I’ve read several of your comments on this video post, and the only thing you seem to be doing is picking on anyone who professes a faith, particularly (or maybe singularly) a Judeo-Christian faith. Really, you should get a life.

          As for me, I’m still thanking God for giving me and mine the gift of good hearing, and for giving that baby the gift of parents who love him enough to see this through to success! Don’t knock thanking God till you’ve tried it!!!

    • Comment  by Debbie

      Why does it have to be an issue if someone wants to thank God?

      • Comment  by Realist

        “Why does it have to be an issue if someone wants to thank God?”
        When you thank a god you thank your illusion, and when you thank the “very real” research and development team/surgeons you are dealing with the reality. When you start to think that everything good is a “miracle” you are not thinking rationally and therefore it is more likely that you are incapable of rational judgment when dealing with reality. Do not expect other more rational thinkers to share your delusions, if you want to worship fairies, gods and unicorns then please keep it to yourself as not to offend those that don’t suffer from a delusional state of mind.
        If you people are going start quoting from the book of blood thirsty sadistic practice then at least have the decency to quote some of its truly repulsive content, there’s plenty in there if you’re rational enough to spot it?

        • Comment  by Rolling My Eyes

          You’re free to have your opinions but don’t be a hypocrite. You sound as bad here as any religious extremist. You just think you’re different and better because you don’t believe in a god. How is blind faith in science any better than blind faith in something else? And there have been as many people killed by “rational thinkers” as there have been by the “blood thirsty” and sadistic”. Of course, there’s been a lot of good done too: in the name of God and in the name of rationality. You can’t just focus on what’s gone wrong. Besides, who gave you the right to judge the world? Does your “rational judgment” really make you above everyone else? Think about what you say before you start to become the people you claim to hate.

        • Comment  by dmp

          “Why does it have to be an issue if someone wants to thank God?”
          When you thank a god you thank your illusion,”

          That’s just your opinion. And guess what, it’s allowed. Wrong, but allowed. At the end of the day, when you’re gasping your last breath, bet you are pleading, “God, save me!”

          You worship your fairies, I’ll stay with God, thank you very much. There’s is nothing you can do or say or quote to sway what I know to be true. Save your fingers.

          And the smile on the sweet baby’s face will stay with me the rest of the day!

          • Comment  by Realist

            Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and yet you require none as your faith blinds you from dealing with your religion rationally.
            I presume you apply common sense and reason to your everyday life? so why not try applying the same common sense and reasoning to question your faith? (NEVER I hear you say!)
            Let me give you an example here: If I told you you must believe in Santa and unless you worship him and devote your life to him you will not receive any reward come Santa’s birthday, I would obviously expect you to reject my proposal by applying rational thinking. Religion applies the very same reward technique as my proposal and yet you fail to apply the same rational thinking due to your blind faith in the prospect of reward. I reject this heavenly reward pyramid system you call faith, I am a realist who deals with rational thinking in the realm of reality. You do not need a religion to do good things with your one life, however you do need a religion to do repulsive things in the name of god, I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.
            I refuse to believe in a god who is the primary cause of conflict in the world, preaches racism, se xism, homophobia, and ignorance, and then sends me to hell if I’m bad.

          • Comment  by bigsdiddy

            wow lol.

            So a Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh, drink his blood and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree is your savior?

            My imaginary friends and your imaginary friend are about to rumble!

            Autobots, assemble!

          • Comment  by Anonymous

            Amen!! :) I feel like some atheists are just uninformed people trying to be different. If you do not want to be judged on your atheism, don’t judge believers!!

        • Comment  by Guy Stevenson

          My main problem with the extremes of both sides is that they always seem to know the answer. I think it’s foolish to believe the earth is 6000 years old and that fossils are just there to test our faith, come on people. That being said, we don’t know everything in the scientific realm either. What if there are things we can never know or explain? Does God or magic seem such an irrational explanation there? As you probably know, we can’t know the position and momentum of a particle. An electron can be anywhere it damn pleases for no good reason. Everywhere else in science things happen for a reason, but here there is a random factor. It makes no sense at all. We have an effect without a cause. An electron should be at point A but it just felt like going to point B instead. And when we ask why, no one knows. Maybe we’ll find out someday or maybe God just said so. I don’t claim to know everything, and that is why I don’t rule God out of the equation.

      • Comment  by bigsdiddy

        I think it is an issue to some people because science made it happen. People could be thanking the wrong thing.

        • Comment  by edaj84

          “wow lol.

          So a Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh, drink his blood and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree is your savior?

          My imaginary friends and your imaginary friend are about to rumble!

          Autobots, assemble!”

          ROFL I love it :D
          that aside, this was a beautiful video of a very lucky boy.

    • Comment  by erw

      Then your Atheistic religion has been quite effective on you.

      • Comment  by atheistic religion?

        i think the point of atheism isn’t religion. i think it’s more of the realization that humans control their own future. i don’t pray to a black hole. i look at problems that i’m faced with head on and then i look for solutions. I don’t throw my hands up in the air and say “please listen this time”

      • Comment  by Atheist

        Atheism is a religion like not collecting stamps is a hobby.

        • Comment  by star eyed

          love. Thank you.

        • Comment  by waaaaaiiiit

          and yet here you are, proselytizing? i have no issue you with it. by all means, tell everyone how science knows all, science is the answer. seems like something that requires a good deal of faith to me.

          to continue your analogy, it’s like you publish the not collecting stamps newsletter. i guess that’s why most people here seem to think you’re a loser.

  60. Comment  by b2811

    I think this is an awesome story, I was just a little disturbed by the mothers reaction..she just kept saying hi over and over again..if that were my child i would tell them how much i loved then ..etc..I would also probably cry like a baby because now my child could hear my voice. just a little strange to me..but we are all different!

    • Comment  by me3

      I think she was probably in shock. Even when someone tells you what to expect, I suspect she still hadn’t quite let herself believe it would work.

    • Comment  by luna

      “hi, hi, hi” probably just trying to see if there’s anybody there… because apparently Deaf people aren’t human.

      cochlear implants do not make anyone hearing, they just create artificial hearing.

  61. Comment  by mee

    so wonderful! brought tears to my eyes.

  62. Comment  by momOf2girls

    Im sooo happy for this baby and for the family. Brought tears to my eyes!

  63. Comment  by Witnessing miracles


  64. Comment  by geoffrey brown

    screw anyone who says this is boring on anything else but positive. I’m a half deaf person who knows a portion of what this child could go though in life. I can’t wait to afford to have a wire sticking out my head…

    • Comment  by cmon

      idk man…”half deaf”? no offense but it doesn’t sound like (no pun intended) you have the right to be getting pissed (kinda just sounds like can’t hear well…just because i wear glasses i don’t consider myself to be “half-blind”

    • Comment  by luna

      learn ASL… the deaf community is awesome. (it IS a language… not based on English, you know)

  65. Comment  by Susan

    This is Propaganda. Implantation of infants, while considered medically safe by the FDA, is just one step in a long arduous journey of auditory and speech training. Deaf kids don’t need implants, they need access to language and if parents are unwilling to learn to sign but happy to drill a hole in the head of their baby to make them “just like me” then we as a society are lost

    • Comment  by Andrew

      Please share with the rest of us the sign language for screeching tires or emergency sirens. How about the sign for “I’m a bear and I’m about to eat you, rawr!”

      Just a few thousand years ago this child would likely not have survived the hazards of everyday life. Thanks to technological marvels such as this he now has much better odds.

      • Comment  by Diana

        @ Andrew
        Actually, Deaf people are much more visually observant than hearing people are. So while they may not hear the screeching tires, they almost certainly will see the car coming. Besides, how many hearing people when hearing screeching tires can do much about their situation anyway? Also, you forget to note that vibrations also come into play in helping Deaf people discern what is going on around them. There have been Deaf people for centuries, many of them who have outlived their hearing peers. I suggest you do your research first, before you make a fool of yourself.

        • Comment  by Captain Obvious

          @ Diana
          I’m sorry but given the fact that deaf people may be more visually observant or blind people might be more sensitive to sound doesn’t justify the reasoning that it is a better solution to do nothing if given the option. Deaf and Blind people do not have super powers like your are suggesting even though a few of them can do some amazing things given the handicap. And even if a Deaf person has the capacity to be more visually observant, it doesn’t mean much if he/she forgets to look right or left before crossing the street with an ambulance speeding by. Pointing out that deaf people live longer as well is a moot argument, as one could easily argue a Quality vs. Quantity statement. The fact is Deaf people without an implant or solution of some sort won’t ever be able to listen to music, have a real cinema experience, or be able to easily carry a conversation with a stranger. If an implant will help that, I say great. Maybe you should use a little logic before you try to rebuke a valid point.

          • Comment  by Lola

            I am profoundly Deaf, and use American Sign Language to express advanced concepts (it is a language entirely separate from English). I am able to carry a conversation with strangers easily–in American Sign Language. I can speak and lipread quite well for a Deaf person, so I can speak with strangers… sometimes. But I feel quite happy and satisfied with my identity as a Deaf person and a user of American Sign Language.

            I have many real cinema experiences. The theatre is awesome! I use Rear Window Captioning, and the vibrations from the speakers are really intense!

            And I won’t be able to listen to music, but please tell me with ABSOLUTE conviction that I will die without it. If music is the only thing you think is beautiful about the world, then you’re missing out on 99.9999% of everything else.

          • Comment  by Lola

            AND… hearing people ARE supposed to look left and right before crossing too! I see signs on poles and painted on the concrete saying “LOOK” Everywhere!! who are MOST of the people that die in car accidents and hit-and-runs? HEARING people, and DRUNKS at that!

          • Comment  by KCG

            “Deaf people without an implant or solution of some sort won’t ever be able to listen to music, have a real cinema experience, or be able to easily carry a conversation with a stranger” That can be true for some, but I was completely deafened at 31 and have an implant and I still cannot listen to music, watch a movie without words or easily have a conversation with a stranger. I am not trying to be argumentative or ungrateful, but as so many others have said “cochlear implant hearing is NOT anything like regular hearing”. That being said, I am very thankful for the technology because it has helped me tremendously in other ways. I guess I just wanted to say to nobody in particular that CI technology is awesome, but hearing people need to understand that the implant doesn’t make anyone “hearing” or “normal” (other’s words). What comes in as sound is not like what I used to be able to hear and understand. I wish everyone understood that, then there wouldn’t be so much pressure everyday. I depend on speech reading and have learned ASL because I NEED them to be able to communicate and most of the children who get implanted will likely also need these forms of communication to assist in the understanding of their world. This need doesn’t make them “less” or the CI “worthless”, its just they way it needs to be and there is nothing wrong with that. On the other side, some deaf people DO enjoy music, movies and have excellent speech reading capabilities and can carry on a conversation with a stranger just fine AND they have very lively conversations in their own language as well, they don’t feel like they are missing out on anything at all!! :O)

        • Comment  by Carwashman

          Let’s see Captain Oblivious - you say they will most certainly see the car coming towards them. Oh yea, the car ALWAYS comes from the front - never the side or rear! You are so off base you are beyond showing ignorance - you would have to gain knowledge to do that!

          • Comment  by passerby

            Why wouldn’t a Deaf person be able to see a car coming from the rear? And do you really think they wouldn’t be more attuned than you are to vibrations, commotion/reactions from people who are aware of the car’s oncoming, etc.?

          • Comment  by cristina

            actually, deaf people have really low car insurance because they are statistically way less likely to get in accidents than their hearing peers. just a fun fact for the day ^_^

    • Comment  by Jewelz

      So we shouldn’t teach ESL or foreign languages either? Come on. People learn the languages that will help them the most.

  66. Comment  by wonderful

    he recognize his mom sound.
    babies hear their mom’s sound when they in the womb

    • Comment  by Debbie

      My husband and I wondered about this with our kids. We decided that if the baby was born deaf, then even in utero his ears must not have been working. So he wouldn’t have been able to hear her then. But where deaf people are missing their sense of hearing, their other senses are more acute. The same with blind people who have extra sharp hearing. The body has ways of compensating. That said, I wonder if he could feel the vibrations of her voice. He would recognize that in utero and after birth. So he would be connecting her voice with the familiar vibrations.

      • Comment  by kss

        he’s a baby not DareDevil

  67. Comment  by otl400

    I have a brother who has been deaf from birth. I would give anything if he could have cochlear implants! He did react much like that baby when he received his 1st hearing aid. He went about the apartment tapping, banging pots, turning up the tv, dancing to the radio. It was one of the most memorable days of my life (his too).

  68. Comment  by Andrew

    Our capacity for technological achievement gives us the unprecedented ability to willfully and deliberately enhance life, that of our own and of all that which surrounds us. Celebrate and rejoice for this is why we are here.

  69. Comment  by ElizaK

    I set my food down and cried in joy watching that. Wow. I am still crying. So beautiful… so amazing.

  70. Comment  by Ingrid Kloet

    This is so beautiful to see how he reacts to the mothers voice, like he always did isn’t it amazing?

  71. Comment  by Daniela

    I LOVE it!

  72. Comment  by Lucas

    the cutest face ever :)

  73. Comment  by Mary

    That was wonderful & amazing. What a gift to the parents.

  74. Comment  by nobody

    just wait until he becoming 10 years old and he will not like the Cochlear Implant…. Parents are gonna regret this.

    • Comment  by Angela

      why do you think that?

    • Comment  by Lori

      Parents won’t regret it…the boy will grow up independent…I have bilaterial (two cochlear implants) and I love it. I wouldn’t trade for the hearing aids…my cochlear implants helped me to hear the phone I can talk to my family with, I can hear the car coming, and I LOVE music! I am an Irish Dancer and that’s the reason I love music and being independent. That’s sad everyone are giving out the negative comments and they are the naysayers ..you need to think before making comments like that.
      I still sign to my deaf friends and still keep in touch with them. If they don’t want the implant they don’t have to have it, it’s their choice to make, I am not complaining about it. If they wanted one, go for it. I say it’s really worth it.
      Everyone are different.
      Little children with the implants will be very fluent with the english language or any other language they learn, they’ll grow with experience as they get older.

      • Comment  by Lola

        Deaf people ARE independent!

      • Comment  by Lola

        I am Deaf and I am fluent in English and American Sign Language… jeez, it’s not about being able to hear, it is about being able to communicate and acquire language. American Sign Language should be taught as a first language, so there is no delay in the acquisition of language, while babies are still learning how to hear, speak and lipread. (that is a lot harder than hearing people think! you have to do that first before you can access English… and by the time babies learn how to do all that, their potential to learn language is diminished). all this is scientifically proven, FYI.

        And I know when a car is coming… I LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE I GO ANYWHERE.

        Music isn’t something I can experience, but that’s not the ONLY beautiful thing in the world.

        I can use a phone… it is called a videophone, and I use Video Relay Service (ASL translation service on the videophone).

        I have an implant, which I haven’t used for three years and I am INDEPENDENT.

      • Comment  by Jewelz

        Yes! People forget about music… but for me that’s the only thing really worth hearing in the world.

  75. Comment  by Yvonne

    Wonderful - What a precious sight

    • Comment  by Howard

      Simply fantastic! My two implants have enabled me to rejoin the world fully. I have a cell phone and an iPod, participate in international teleconference calls, enjoy being with large groups of people (including my noisy family) etc. Jonathan’s instant reaction was just a spectacular activation result. I’m sure he will do just great throughout life with his implant(s). You’ve given him a wonderful gift.

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