7-Yr old Best Child Singer Ever



Watch this small little girl sing the song Amazing Grace. This is truly inspiring and amazing. Her voice is just marvelous.

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  1. Comment  by Ismael

    Too much belting instruction going on…

    • Comment  by speakers

      too much reverb in the studio. Parents trying too hard to get their kid famous.
      Let her live a normal life, she’s not even that good (although the studio distorts the sound so it makes dimwits think she is)

  2. Comment  by kateyy

    she is amazing

  3. Comment  by justaniggafromthestreet


    • Comment  by xoleras

      stop trolling

  4. Comment  by Anon

    Take the reverb off

  5. Comment  by BagofTrolls

    .. That sounded.. … ………….. kind of bad =| … like, she oversings.. its horrible. Sure, she is showing her skills, but there is just way too many of them here.She has a nice voice and everything, but she goes off pitch alot and she just tries way too hard.

    • Comment  by vikki

      chill out she’s only 7, and she probably read this comment…

    • Comment  by human being

      i feel as though you are unhappy with your life and therefore feel lifted up by trying to bring down something both pure and beautiful. I pity you. This girl’s life will be full of beauty and love, while yours atrophies without either. I feel incredible sadness reading comments like these directed towards someone’s vulnerability in sharing something they clearly love so much…I hope you can someday achieve some shred of this girl’s passion, exuberance, and abandon. Shame on you.

      • Comment  by Leon

        well put!

  6. Comment  by Junebug

    She’s like seven-years-old… the technique she’ll learn, what she’s showing off is pure, incredible giftedness.

  7. Comment  by Robbie

    Yeah it’s a ‘good voice’ but not particularly good to listen to. I’d rather listen to someone with a crap voice attempt this, much more interesting and with a personality instead of the blandness here.

  8. Comment  by Naomi

    I thought it was absoutley beautiful :) almost brought a few tears to my eyes. WOW!!!

  9. Comment  by Unknown

    you shouldnt put rude comments. She’s simply amazing for a 7 year old, she doesn’t know all the proper techniques yet. i think she has a bright future ahead of her!

  10. Comment  by sean

    awesome voice. if she keeps at it, shes gonna be a great singer.

  11. Comment  by notcool

    really not that good at all

  12. Comment  by unnone

    are you nay-sayers insane? she’s 7 she is already great when she gets older she’s only going to get better. can you say american idol winner of 2019

    • Comment  by Talent

      My exact thoughts

  13. Comment  by lilbear

    I thought she was amazing. How can anyone be critical of a 7 year old girl like that. I say it is a God given gift.

  14. Comment  by justamom

    She is only 7 yrs old and sings purely from her heart. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her sing.

  15. Comment  by Angelwings

    Purely Amazing, you have a future in singing don’t let any one tell you that you don’t. Forget American Idol in 2019 I say American Idol Winner NOW!!

  16. Comment  by Mamma

    To you folks who have negative comments; You don’t sing or know many children, do you? As a vocalist, a Mom and experienced early education teacher, I can tell you that you don’t find a voice like her’s very often from kids who haven’t yet reached puberty. Good for her!

    • Comment  by God's Child

      Don’t let anyone quench your talent baby girl!! Very nice!! And keep on singing for God you can’t go wrong with Him!

  17. Comment  by laughingvine

    The negativity here is pure jealousy. This is someone with a great gift and a talent that will go far beyond the comments on youtube. When that happens (and it will) you people with your harsh, unfounded and venomous comments can sit and marinate in your nastiness. You get back what you give and this beautiful soul is going to get back some wonderful things through the absolution in her voice.You filled my heart with joy after a long day at work. Stunning.

  18. Comment  by ChristineMarie

    People are so cruel…Jealousy maybe. She’s amazing:)

  19. Comment  by anonymous

    She is such an inspiration. Beautiful voice, beautiful song and a beautiful little girl. She is AMAZING!

  20. Comment  by Elaine

    my hubby is a musician and he says she is very good so stop being jealous of her young talent! A bit flat here and there but come on people she is only ‘7′ she will knock you on your butt when she matures her talent & you will be eating crow!!! Go child go, God has given you a wonderful talent!!!!

  21. Comment  by Larry K

    the internetz is funny not a single one of you who nay sayed this talent would dare to speak that way in a public forum in which your face was seen. cowards. this is simply amazing.

  22. Comment  by Lorie

    Beautifully done baby girl !

  23. Comment  by Knowing Gal

    This little girl did NOT sing OFF-KEY… she defined the key - using her voice… this little girl did NOT sing OFF PITCH, she defined the rhythm… THIS LITTLE can NOT ONLY SING… she has the voice to do it…

    This LITTLE GIRL’s singing is as great as someone who has studied music for years as well as someone who has taken vocal lessons… she is amazing! Absolutely amazing.

  24. Comment  by singer

    As a professional singer, I will say that she has a great voice. Even her use of dynamics was great. Especially for a 7 yr old. Simply beautiful. A natural gift. Her pitch and sense of rhythm is great. she’s a diamond in the rough for sure. But whatever anyone else thinks, she’s obviously doing something she’s passionate about at the age of 7!

  25. Comment  by Larry

    And NOT ONE of you NAY sayers can do as well I will bet……

  26. Comment  by Twiggy

    Gosh , She has a beautiful voice . I’d love to see someone like her become a big singer .

  27. Comment  by Bezerker

    this is sooo cuuuute

  28. Comment  by scoot


  29. Comment  by tilly

    wow awesome voice girl!

  30. Comment  by steve

    critics, got to have them around! thats what pushes you to work at things! keep at it and you WILL GET THERE! Amazing start at a bright life!!!! knock them dead!!!!

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