4 Girls Act Like Their Boyfriends



Four regular girls acting like their boyfriends. Produced by Untucked Films, directed by Jonathan Emmerling, director of photography Pat Armitage and edited by Charles Divak.

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  1. Comment  by leed

    Correct me if I’m wrong.. But there are five girls, not four.

    • Comment  by Meh

      No, there are 4.

      • Comment  by Bob

        no there are 5 check again

        • Comment  by Meh's Wingman

          No, there are 4.

          • Comment  by there are five lights

            There are Five (From left to right):

            Red, green, grey, black, blue-white

  2. Comment  by Frank

    This is dumb.

  3. Comment  by Frank

    Yep there are definitely 5 of them.

  4. Comment  by Dan

    I really like it!!!

  5. Comment  by Colleen

    They need to be dressed like they would normally dress. Not butch. If they were more fem, it would be funnier.

  6. Comment  by Mike Pooposterous

    Loved it! Great timing. If they had dialed it down by about 70% it’d be pretty much spot on for an average all-male sports-watching crowd.

  7. Comment  by dr bob

    kinda amusing..one hot chick made it dece..harvard sailing tho?

  8. Comment  by Caleb.

    Guys don’t talk about there relationships that much.

    • Comment  by Harry

      Exacttly what I was thinking.

  9. Comment  by canucknucklehead

    Four girls acting like their boyfriend, one girl did not.

  10. Comment  by Saf

    Nice. But terrifying.

  11. Comment  by Johan

    All men drink beer, watch sport and talk like macho…

    • Comment  by Matt

      Oh, just like all women belong in the kitchen?

      • Comment  by anon

        no one implied that…

  12. Comment  by dude

    if the guys were borderline guidos maybe but i guess turning it up makes it funny - if it was FIVE girls mocking us it would be silence - joke - silence - 10 sec life update - silence - “i think i’m gonna start (whatever)” - silence

  13. Comment  by Darkvoid

    Can’t you count?! there are five girls!!

  14. Comment  by Mark

    Can’t shut up even when they’re pretending to be dudes. They will never learn.

  15. Comment  by zach

    lol, they sound like abunch of 12 year old boys hangin out

  16. Comment  by Kyle

    This reminds me of a Star Trek episode when the Cardassians take Picard hostage, and start telling him there are 5 lights, but there is only 4.

  17. Comment  by Tyler

    My friends and I never talk about our relationships, or talk that much for that matter. But it was still funny!!

  18. Comment  by Chris

    Are their boyfriends AWFUL actors as well then?

  19. Comment  by D Chas

    I don’t get the ending? Why do they swap roles?

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